February 24, 2014


I took the plunge. I finally did it. I took everything in my closet and organized it into 4 piles: to keep, to donate, to sell and to giveaway. The smallest pile, remarkably, was my to keep pile! It's such a shame that a good portion of my closet is unworn, unloved and still has the tags dangling off of it.

Then I had an epiphanyWhy not host a weekly giveaway because my readers are the loveliest people ever?! So here it is! I'll be doing a weekly giveaway until I run out of things to give.

Since I've been reminiscing about Paris a lot lately, this 'Je t'aime' crop top from Urban Outfitters with a cool cold shoulder cut out seems too appropriate. Brand new and a size small. This is how I would dress it!

urban outfitters, street style, crop top, je t'aime, french

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The giveaway will run until Sunday, 3/2 at midnight. 
US residents only! {sorry, international readers!}
Winner will be contacted on Monday, good luck my dumplings! 
February 12, 2014


{photo cred: Youri Park}
wearing: American Apparel bouclé shawl cardigan, LA hearts black dress c/o PacSun
H&M ankle socks, Dolce Vita booties, Primark crop top

Someone once told me, "kid, you're too young to be wearing all that black." It's hard breaking such a beautiful habit, I can't help but pile on the blacks, the whites, and the neutrals. Some may call it boring but I'm a fan of easy dressing and this minimal color palette. So I guess all I have to say is, sorry I'm not even sorry one bit.