October 23, 2013

{photos by Laura Nguyen}
wearing: v-neck crop top {$8/Q}, Lucky Brand men's leather belt, tan cut-out skirt {$8/Agaci}, Michael Kors leather pumps {$20/Buffalos Exchange}, vintage Coach satchel {$15, Savers}

The best things in life...come in twos, right? A very late post of one of my favorites, this simple little get-up was shot over summer right next to my office in LA. Looking at these photos makes me reminisce those long summer days and hot summer nights with the people that make me laugh most. A pool, a couple of beers and great company was all that we needed. Sigh, that and my summer bod. Take me back.


Kacie Cone said...

Wow this is a gorgeous look! That skirt is amazing!

Martha Scott said...

Skirt is really good.