September 15, 2013


 wearing: gray cardigan {giftcard/Modcloth}, geeky glasses necklace {gifted/ModCloth}, chambray button up {$9/Crossroad Trading Co.}, BDG ankle skinnies {$40/Urban Outfitters}, brogues {$35/ASOS}

These days, easy does it completely does it for me.  I can now get ready for class/life in under 20 minutes, and that's a huge feat for someone like me. I don't really care about re-wearing the same shirt or outfit as I did back home. It just seems to matter less, ironic isn't it? I came to Paris, the fashion capital of the world, and yet I care less about the way I look and especially the way I dress. As Audrey Hepburn once said, and my auntie so kindly reminded me, "happy girls are the prettiest girls." I believe it.

Life has been beautiful and the beauty comes from the smallest victories like ordering a crudité and café crème in French. Some days are definitely harder than others but I'm getting by. I'm just counting my blessings and enjoying a slower pace of living. No work? No club activities? Blasphemy! I have never had such a free semester before and I am completely loving it. What am I doing with all of my free time? Netflixing aside I am always trying to figure out what trip I want to take next. So far London and Amsterdam have been booked (which I am TOO stoked about) and now we're working on Spain and Italy. Life is still so unreal, the magic of Paris hasn't worn off yet.

These photos were taken a while ago, forgive me as I have been lazy and extra lazy. Just another day at Musée d'Orsay, admiring the paintings, pointing at sculptured penises, and trying to steal a french baby. Oh, and rocking a side pony. You know, the usual.


Brittany said...

If you're going to Italy, which you really must, go to Sorrento. It's gorgeous. Also see the Vatican, Venice, the usual spots, etc. Eat a lot of gelato and pasta, too. (Duh!)

Arra said...

Ahh the place looks amazing and gorgeous photos as well!

Style Reader

Aneirys A said...

So glad your having a great and liberating time in Paris :)

Awkward Heart♥

Simone Anne said...

Looks like so much fun! Beautiful photos & I love your cute outfit. :)