August 22, 2013


{Photos by Laura Nguyen}
wearing: Lovers+Friends lace top {$5/sample sale}, ikat PacSun shorts {$5}, gold Lucky Brand bracelet {$3/sample sale}, Lucky Brand beanie {$3/sample sale}, thrifted Coach satchel {$15/Savers}, gifted To Be Announced burgundy wedges {Solestruck}
     // outfit total: $31 //

I'm in Paris! Sure, my vocabulary is limited to bonjour, merci, and je suis but I am falling in love with this city with every passing minute. Everything is beautiful. I finally understand why people say Paris is the place to fall in love, it's hard not to. I am in a perpetual state of awe and amusement, much like a little kid in a candy shop. Always on the go and seeing different face and places, I can't believe I'm actually here.

These were taken a while back in DTLA by my favorite photographer ever, wink wink. This is probably one of the cheapest and most colorful outfits I have worn in a long long time. Sample sale finds and contest wins pretty much make my life and my wardrobe for that matter. It's good to break out of your comfort zone every once in a while, a little dash of color and lace never hurt anyone!


Youri said...


Brittany said...

Can't wait to see photos from Paris.

rhodawong said...

great pieces!

Ava Tunnicliffe said...

Can't believe your outfit was so cheap- I love snatching up pieces for good deals! Those shoes are amazing.

Ava Tallulah

Krys said...

Paris has looked like such a blast (I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy seeing your photos very much this semester haha.) Yay for neon and I hope you've been having a good first week abroad! xx

Aneirys A said...

Love the neon sweater and hope you have a great time in Paris!