July 22, 2013


I hate underwear. There, I said it. I hate them, I hate them, I HATE THEM! Underwear have always been the bane of my existence; I hate the feel they bunch up, they way they feel, and the way they leave those ugly little lines. If I could do commando all day, every day, I totally would. Seriously, ask any of my friends, they'll tell you that I'm being dead serious. So when I got an email in my inbox from MeUndies, a LA-based & made company, that promises the "world's most comfortable underwear" I was curious and knew that a test drive was a must.
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Cute enough, the undies come in these little sealed packages that look like pretzel bags. Later I find out that these are packaged so because you can purchase these from vending machines. How cute is that? I loved the way the undies feel in my hands, they're crazy soft. Putting them on was even better, they stretch to fit all of your curves which is SUPER important for my badonk. I'm a huge fan of the the no frill design, simple enough that both ladies & gentlemen can wear them. Couple undies anyone? I'd way rather that than matching t-shirts, barf.

Literally the most comfortable things my butt has ever had the pleasure of coming in contact with, I can't rave about MeUndies enough. I wish I had a pair for every single day of the year, I would seriously wear these for the rest of my life. Comfort has become so important to me, I feel most beautiful when I'm comfortable. Even though I'm a lover of dresses and heels, I still feel a lot prettier when I'm in a pair of shorts and a tee. The same goes for underwear. Although I love looking at my frilly lacy ones, these briefs just make me feel amazing. 
undies, underwear, fashion, meundies, los angeles, made in america, briefs
{Women's briefs in grey, chevron and "love me" by Curtis Kulig undies c/o MeUndies}

Not convinced yet? MeUndies is offering first time customers 20% their first order AND free shipping with the code 020! Seriously it is so worth it, just give them a try!


james said...

back it up! hahaha. saucy post, babe. i also hate VPL (visible panty lines)!! i love the fact that those undies are available at a vending machine! haha :)

so excited to see you at kathleen soon. eep!

ice pandora said...

I hate visable panty lines as well :c
Glad these panties are soft and comfy! Love the idea they come in
pretzel bag haha and thanks for the
awesome promo-code!

With Miloveda said...

I love this post! hahaha and why did "can I play with yo panty line" just pop into my head?! lol.

lucia m said...

so cute!



Oh to Be a Muse said...

They do look really cute. I only like to wear comfy underwear as well.

Oh to Be a Muse
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Mimi said...

ohmygosh, these sound amazing! thanks for the review! i am off to check them out! :D

<3, Mimi