June 11, 2013


Hello beautiful people! It's true, I'm alive! After finishing finals (hooray!), my life has been stuck on fast forward. From the graduations (don't leave) we attended and cried at to the constant packing, it was all a crazy blur. I had to move out of Berkeley, back into my home home in Concord, and then out again for LA, all within three days. Where's the pause button when you need it? 

The first weekend in town, I went to the Pasadena Music Festival and then saw Mumford and Sons the day after. I started my internship at Lucky Brand the very next day, I feel like I haven't had a moment to breathe.  But, then again, I don't really want the madness to stop. I am absolutely loving everything. LA is no joke, I'm completely smitten. So, of course when life is going too well, would be the perfect time for my MacBook to crash. Cue gasp. Pretty much the epitome of every blogger's worst nightmare. Silly me didn't back a single thing up so here I am, very very behind on just about everything.

So while I'm playing catch up with life, blogging has been put on the back burner until I either: a) find a photographer (hey photographers hey, holla at me!) or b) find a tripod. Until then, I have been, and will be, shooting lots of outfit shots on Instagram! So follow me on there to see what's up with me, myself, and I!


ahoymichelle said...

What an amazing opportunity to have interned for Lucky! How is it so far? I know what you mean when you need a pause button for life.


Nnenna said...

Sounds like lots of exciting things are happening in your life at the moment! Gah, sorry to hear that your computer broke down but I hope it gets fixed soon. In the meantime, I'm loving your outfit snaps on Instagram :)

star-crossed smile

james said...

you are living the life, babe! i cannnooottt wait to come see you down there! im so proud of everything youve accomplished!!

xx james

Anonymous said...

Hoorah for your internship and the start to an amazinggggg summer holiday, you deserve it! xx

P.S. I think computer problems have been running rampant these days, it's rather tragic.

Mimi said...

your life sounds so exciting, i'm so happy for you! :D

p.s. i was supposed to go to the pasadena music festival, but i wasn't able to... heard it was fun, though! :)

<3, Mimi
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Brandy Saldana said...

It bums me out to know you have left Berkeley after I was just getting to know you via Twitter! It's a small world though so I am sure we'll meet in person one day ;D

Congrats on landing the internship at Lucky! Sounds like a great opportunity for someone that really loves fashion.

It took me awhile, but I finally made my way over to your blog and while I gasped at the thought of you not having a computer, I am in a way glad b/c I am now following your instagram account to stay updated!

Talk to you soon and keep up the great blog Anisa!