April 15, 2013


daisy printed bottoms, metallic sandals, sweater, vintage crossbody
daisy printed bottoms, metallic sandals, sweater, vintage crossbody
daisy printed bottoms, metallic sandals, sweater, vintage crossbody
daisy printed bottoms, metallic sandals, sweater, vintage crossbody
wearing: H&M cropped black sweater ($15) / thrifted daisy pants ($2) /
gifted black vintage purse ($0) / H&M x Marni sandals ($26)
outfit total: $43

This whole outfit cost me $43, bam! Who says it has to cost a million to look like a million? Sometimes the best things aren't quite free, but they can be very cheap! I'm a huge fan of investing in quality pieces  that can be carried throughout the year-like a leather bag or sunglasses-and being thrifty on the items that are seasonal at best. If I wasn't this way I'd be broke de broke 365 days of the year. And when I say broke, I mean "too broke to buy ramen" broke.

I've decided to bring back the ($__) behind each item I list because people think I spend a ton of money on clothes and they think that it cost a lot to dress up. Being a poor student paying my own way through college, I understand the pain that shopping can bring. In general I try to only splurge on things that I lose sleep on (yes, certain things keep me up at night) and only if I magically have the means to do so. For everything else, I'm quite thrifty and, for lack of a better way to put it, really cheap. It honestly doesn't take a lot to dress up, in terms of both money and effort. I want to show that lots of outfits can be put together for a less than a pretty penny (take penny literally).


Youri said...

This is my kinda outfit <3

Lez go thrifting!

james said...

this is so adorable! you look so pretty <3 and hells yes you know i love me a bargain or two ;) we sooo need to thrift again!

love you!
xx james

Unknown said...

so in love with your pants girl! and love how you wore it with a cropped sweater!


ahoymichelle said...

You are right - fashion doesn't have to expensive. Most of my stuff are hand me downs or gifts bought from relatives. When I go shopping, I buy things from Target or Zara, sometimes H&M and Forever21.

It can still have amazing quality, but the price doesn't have to reflect upon it.

Love your pants!


Samantha Pulido said...

Girl. You are rocking those pants. They look amazing on you! I love how original your style is!

Unknown said...

you look very sweet! love this summer look! What do you think about following each other? GFC,FB,Twitter?


ciao xoxo!

Unknown said...

$2!! What a great thrifted find! They look great on you :)


bestrong said...

stylish outfit :)
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Stefani said...

Girl,you look amazing! :) Those pants fit you great! So chic!

Johanna L. said...

Great outfit, I really like the bold pattern of the pants :) ♥

she.is.the.one said...

the pants are timeless!! :)

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Livia Pangdoko said...

super love thisss look! so gorgeous <333


Unknown said...

such a lovely outfit, i really like your pants :)
Have a nice day! :)

Elegantesque said...

Great look darling, you look amazing

wanna follow each others on several networks such as FB/Twitter and Instagram ?

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Julia said...

super fun look! those pants are to die for, love that they're thrifted!


Davina said...

I love this outfit! Can't believe you got those pants for $2! I love me a great bargain! It's true, style doesn't have to hurt your wallet! :D