December 28, 2012


wearing: Sound & Matter leather moto jacket c/o PacSun, thrifted Gap striped long sleeves, striped H&M tank dress, Zara metallic leather booties, thrifted Levis belt

There's something so beautiful about a red lip. Or, more so, the perfect red lip. Since a nice deep red has become my go-to in the last few weeks, it only seemed appropriate, if not necessary, that I try to add more shades into my little family. After spending a good hour or so with a dear friend trying to find the right shade, I had a thought. Finding the perfect color for your lips is just as hard as finding the right someone to hold hands with. Neither of the two comes easy to you (and if it does, I hate you already), it's only through trials and tribulations, some disappointments and a couple of false alarms, that you come out looking through rose-colored glasses in the end. I think it's time that I stop watching and re-watching Sex and the City. Sorry Carrie, it's not you, it's me! At least it's not on a post-it?

P.S. Sorry for the absence, after finals ended and final grades came up, I've been in a self-induced coma trying to forget it all. On top of that, I have misplaced my camera charger, so there's that. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and here's to a fantastic new years! Thank you for your support and love! Xo
December 5, 2012


wearing: Nollie Bullet Stud Flannel Shirt c/o PacSun {now $20!}, American Apparel mesh body suit, black strapless bra, gifted black skirt, F21 thigh highs, ASOS heels, gifted yellow clutch

I've been known to swoon over boys in flannel, there's a certain je ne sais quoi about it that I just can't enough of. Probably my favorite thing about them is "borrowing" them from manfriends. Like leather shoes and t-shirts, flannel is something that gets better {and way more comfy} with time and wear. But since I'm manfriend-less at the moment, I was ecstatic when PacSun, my favorite brand as a middle/high schooler, sent me a few pieces from their holiday collection and this Nollie Bullet Stud Flannel Shirt was among them. So warm, so chic and so so so weather-appropriate, I've already worn it three times! The studs did it for me; I love the little gold hardware and so does everyone else it seems. Keeping the rest of the outfit monochromatic, I made a leap from whiteout to blackout. Simple and just a little scandy, I think the see-through mesh compliments the heavy flannel well.