November 30, 2012


wearing: Brandy Melville April dress, J Brand white denim jacket {via Crossroads}, H&M lace bralette, Zara metallic leather booties, vintage Coach satchel

Why is it that, around this time of the year, we all wish for a white Christmas yet white on white layering is so easily dismissed? In my honest opinion, that old rule "no white after Labor Day" was meant to be broken. And to further emphasize on the point, I'd like to add a #sorryimmnostorry and a #YOLO.

Lucky to have been raised in the weather-blessed state of California, I have grown a large distain towards jackets, coats, and basically anything that covers my arms. Yuck. It's not that I hate the way they look, it's that I hate the way they feel. Some people describe jackets as a hug for your body, I see it more as a strangler trying to squeeze the living daylight out of me. I'm not a fan. 

But this J Brand denim jacket has restored my faith in long sleeves. I first spotted it at the Crossroads shopping party {hosted by the lovely Kathleen} and was immediately attracted to the contrast between the deep leather accents and the washed out denim. I was surprised to find that the jacket stretches and molds with each movement, making it especially comfortable and not at all constraining. Let's just say that I'm throughly in love. The peek of the lacy bralette against the airy sheerness of the dress adds just the right amount of tease without revealing too much, which is how I like to play it in every aspect of my life {wink}.


With Miloveda said...

I personally love the whole white on white. And you look so chic, love your shoes by the way.

sarah said...

hahaha love your commentary on this outfit #yousofunny #yolo. Totally agree btw, white after labor day...why the heck not?

Ava Tallulah said...

Totally digging that you're not afraid to rock the white in winter. Also digging the hashtags, hahah.

That J Brand jacket is so lovely and so great throughout every season, as you've shown!

Ava Tallulah

Unknown said...

love the metallic pop!

Youri said...


Stefani said...

Love white on white,you look great! Those booties are amazing!

james said...

dude, hella miss you! i loveee the gold toes =D and of course i love your look as always! hope finals are going well! I'm barely hanging on.. we need to reunite soon! muah!


Arra A. said...

God, I love your boots! It made the look extra special!


Tasia |Ruffles and Sequins| said...

Cute outfit! I love whites in winter :)