November 30, 2012


wearing: Brandy Melville April dress, J Brand white denim jacket {via Crossroads}, H&M lace bralette, Zara metallic leather booties, vintage Coach satchel

Why is it that, around this time of the year, we all wish for a white Christmas yet white on white layering is so easily dismissed? In my honest opinion, that old rule "no white after Labor Day" was meant to be broken. And to further emphasize on the point, I'd like to add a #sorryimmnostorry and a #YOLO.

Lucky to have been raised in the weather-blessed state of California, I have grown a large distain towards jackets, coats, and basically anything that covers my arms. Yuck. It's not that I hate the way they look, it's that I hate the way they feel. Some people describe jackets as a hug for your body, I see it more as a strangler trying to squeeze the living daylight out of me. I'm not a fan. 

But this J Brand denim jacket has restored my faith in long sleeves. I first spotted it at the Crossroads shopping party {hosted by the lovely Kathleen} and was immediately attracted to the contrast between the deep leather accents and the washed out denim. I was surprised to find that the jacket stretches and molds with each movement, making it especially comfortable and not at all constraining. Let's just say that I'm throughly in love. The peek of the lacy bralette against the airy sheerness of the dress adds just the right amount of tease without revealing too much, which is how I like to play it in every aspect of my life {wink}.
November 27, 2012


wearing: H&M men's burgundy elbow-padded sweater, Jason Wu x Target pinwheel dress, Dolce Vita Jamison booties, vintage Coach satchel

"You are the books you read, the films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you meet, the dreams you have, the conversations you engage in. You are what you take from these. You are the sound of the ocean, the breath of fresh air, the brightest light and the darkest corner. You are a collective of every experience you have had in your life. You are every single second of every single day. So drown yourself in a sea of knowledge and existence. Let the words run through your veins and let the colours fill your mind."

Sitting here at 8:30 AM without a single thought to write, I was aimlessly scrolling through Tumblr when I stumbled upon this quote in big bold letters. And it struck a chord.

The closer I get to the finish line (aka graduation) the more I think about life: what it means, what I want from it, what it wants from me. And, to be honest, I'm at a complete loss like many other twenty-somethings. This has been a semester of procrastinations, distractions and avoidance. I have never been so unmotivated, unstable and not dependable. It's hard coming to terms with growing up, figuring out what the hell the rest of your life holds for you, and how to get where you want to be. I was reluctant to believe that I'm at a point where I actually have to care and think for myself.

But here I am. Hey, hi, what's up? I have a feeling that I'm going to be staying here for awhile.

I've been trying to tangle, trap, and saturate inspiration into my daily life. This is probably the most productive and active thing I've done in months. Something so simple and seamlessly easy can change what seems unchangeable- a stubborn mindset. The quote is a reminder to live, to truly live and not to merely exist. The things you choose to do, the people you choose to see, the experiences you gather from all of the above make up who you are. It's a gentle reminder to fill life with light and love, because, how else can you breed a happy soul?
November 14, 2012


wearing: thrifted H&M tank, Zara scarf-print skirt, thrifted black leather flats, vintage Coach satchel, Charlotte Russe sunnies

Although we visited over three months ago, it looks like I haven't quite gotten over you yet. Mason jars, Voodoo Donuts, food carts and more. Portland, get on with your weird self.
November 8, 2012


wearing: Dolce Vita blouse {via StitchFix}, AE black coated jeans, Too Neon pink pumps c/o Two Lips, Lush two-toned moto jacket {via eBay}, H&M pyramid bangle, F21 silver locket necklace, black leather bag {via Taiwan}

Over the weekend I turned the big 2-0. It was a beautiful day spent with beautiful people; I literally couldn't have asked for a better way to say goodbye to my teens and hello to my twenties. From brunch at the sweetest little cupcake spot in the city to dinner in Berkeley with all of my loves, I am glad to say that this was the best birthday to date.

It's a weird feeling leaving my teen years behind and taking on a brand new decade. The past 20 years have taught me far too much and not enough. With so many exciting things planned for the next year, I can't even being to imagine what the next ten will bring. Here's to hoping, to dreaming, and to the adventures that come in between!