July 4, 2012


How do you like your independence? The sweet birth of a brand new country, one that we love to love and we love to hate -- a country that I am so proud to call home. Wearing red, white, and blue is a sign of patriotism, of love and devotion. While the colors may, after years of classical conditioning, directly bring up memories of flags, it doesn't necessarily have to look like you ripped off the one hanging on your neighbor's front porch and wore it around your waist.

USA by Day

I'm a casual gal at heart and I just love throwing on the first things my eyes set on in the morning. Sometimes this technique turns out beautifully and sometimes it looks more K-mart than couture but that's a risk I'm always willing to take. This outfit takes that concept and throws in a little pinch of red, a little bit of white, and smidgen of blue. A fun little number that'll have everyone seeing stars without having on too much to make them puke up the colors of the flag. I can't help but dig how the Dannijo collar necklace adds just the right amount of color to the sheer white button up.

America by Night

For the gal that likes to do her celebrating after the sun goes down, this outfit is more suited for a night on the town. A look that downplays the color scheme while staying true to it, it's like the flag went into the witness protection program and is incognito, trying to blend in with the crowd by hiding its...well, stripes. Strong pattern mixing and color splashing come into play, making this outfit bold, confident and utterly gorgeous. I love the combination of the red vertical and horizontal stripes, they contrast without being clashing. The periwinkle Liberty London scarf is the perfect shade of blue that reduces its obvious patriotic contribution.

While I won't be sporting either of these outfits -- even though I would saw off an arm and a leg to be able to do so -- I'm beyond excited to rep my stars stripes in my own way. As long as you're with good company, drinking a cold American brewski or two, what you're wear won't matter nearly as much as the memories you'll make busy making on such a spectacular day. So get up, get out, and have a beautiful fourth of July!


thats_just_karen said...

I love reading your blog because I can actually see how you wear it.

nammi said...

you're so fashionable!

K.K. said...

great sets!

Analisa said...

I love these outfit sets and your picks! Keep doin' these posts :)

I'll be out of town August 19 - 23 for Vegas and MAGIC Tradeshow! Booo. I guess we'll catch each other next time around!


Oh to Be a Muse said...

I like posts like this! Also liking that 4th of July collar necklace...too cute!

Gina said...

love the striped red dress. :)


Mihaela said...

love those shorts!

something cold is what i need♥mfashionfreak

Que said...



Jade Purple Brown said...

Those sunglasses in the first group are perfection!


Clara Turbay said...

Really awesome!

Collections said...

The second outfit is great love the red and white striped dress.

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Lien said...

Great collage :)

I would definately wear those outfits, they're gorgeous :)


Anonymous said...

If I said I wanted it scrambled, what would this say about me, truly. Haha. I love these alternatives to those typical red/white/blue outfits I see people around town wearing (you know the sort.) Also, yes, enjoying these posts as much as the just outfit ones. Hope you have a good weekend! xx