May 7, 2012


apparel: Boho button up (thrifted & diy'ed), shredded Levis high waisted shorts (thrifted)
footwear: Jamison booties (Dolce Vita), burnt orange socks (forever 21), leather engraved bracelet (Taiwan)
accessories: vintage Coach satchel (thrifted)

Surprise!! I'm a bona-fide peacock! This was my BIG surprise and if it isn't surprising enough for you, don't you dare rain on my teal-colored parade! Can't wait to strut, tut and eat some peanuts on a warm sandy beach somewhere, and if not, at least I'll still be a cool blue for some time. A very calculated and thought out decision that I finally took the plunge on (with a huge thanks to Janne for dying it), and I couldn't be more infatuated with the end results. Totally not the color I had anticipated but when has life ever turned out the way we planned? 

Time to hit the books some more, only 4 finals and 5 days stand in the way between me and summer, the teeny tiny light at the end of this very dark and caffeinated tunnel. Pea-cock-a-doodle-toodles for now!


Jo said...

I really love the teal hair! :)

Kashara of Undiscovered Worth said...

your hair looks so good! I would be terrified to do it:) haha! the outfit looks great as well!

S.Lennyn82 said...

Love your style Doll, esp the fun hair colour:)
Sara xx

Anonymous said...

I love your shorts and hair, you look great :)

ahoymichelle said...

What a lovely pop of color with your hair tips! I love your shoes!

Unknown said...

Your hair looks awesome! And love your shorts.

shakti said...

Look at those snazzy tips! You look incredible! I've though about adding some color to my hair but am super nervous since it's so dark and would take some serious bleach. Can I ask how it went and what stuff you used?

alee said...

omg are those permanent?? i want to see in real life O: good luck on the rest of your finals!

theversastyle said...

ok - your hair is freakin AWESOME!! loving the look!!


Brittney said...

Holy shizznit! This is brilliant!

Unknown said...

the hair so cool!! u looks so adorable!! <3

if you don't mind it, please visit my blog :)
thanks b4


Bree said...

AWESOME hair, Anisa!
Thinking about doing this similair thing to my hair too, but I'm still doubting! What happened to your knee?


Allison said...

Really love this look! And seriously, I want your hair.
Would love for you to visit my blog sometime!


Marilia and Cristina Maz said...

Aww you hair looks amazing!
Love the blue edges!!
You had some good idea for your hair and it worked perfectly.
Christina xxx

Unknown said...

beautiful outfit!!!!!!

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Stefani said...

Interesting blog! Follow you :)

Regan said...

I like this outfit for its casual feel.. something very wearable for a college student like myself! The detail on the shirt is great, elevating it from just your normal white shirt :)


Diane said...

Whoa, I totally missed this when it happened but this looks WICKED COOOOOOOL. It's SUCH a great color choice! And judging from your more recent posts, the fade will be really pretty also. damnnnn. good choice!

Bella said...

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