April 5, 2012


apparel: peach dress (China), metallic black sweater (H&M)
footwearmetallic leather brogues (ASOS)
accessoriesgifted snake-printed clutch (Urban Outfitters), bracelets (f21, Charlotte Russe, De Masque & handmade)

My last dinner before heading back to Cal, my family and I wined and dined (just dined for me) at Forbes Mill Steakhouse in Danville. Since I'm practically a veg at college, I try to cram in my meat intake when I'm home. While it's probably not the healthiest, it's delicious and it makes me happy and sleepy (food coma anyone?). The food was pretty tasty but my favorite, FAVORITE part of the meal was the Kona coffee creme brulee (pretend there are accents where they belong), it's such a classy party in your mouth because, well, it IS creme brulee.

Life is pretty peachy keen when you're wearing such a peachy dress! Dressing at home is always a hard time for me because I constantly find myself in need of that perfect shirt/bracelet/ring/necklace/shoe that's back in Berkeley, waiting for me, taunting me, but I always seem to make do. And if I can't, I shop. So, really, it's a little bit of a win-win situation, so why am I even complaining? Forgive me.

A little late to the arm candy craze, I am a full fledged addict now! I love everything about it; from the extra detail it adds to every outfit to the jiggling "click-clack" it makes every time I move. I have yet to find a fault with having arm swag, this must mean love.


Gina said...

You're so fancy fancy! I like it :)


maggie said...

So cute! Loving your arm candy, gives so much life to your outfit!
And the food looks YUM!

xx maggie

onesixthreechirp said...

Love your outfit and the shoes! Those food look yummy! :)

Laureen said...

Great outfit, love the shoes.

Laureen said...

Great outfit, love the shoes.

Bree said...

Haha, know what you mean about the love part. Love the bracelets too!


Ria said...

Love that sweater over the look.

januarysublime said...

Love the look of the jumper with the shirt dress, great colours!

Love your blog, we're now following :)