April 10, 2012


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Rain makes me feel even more sloth-like than usual and it has been raining all day leading me to ideally surf through my folder of unedited photos during work. And what do you know, I just so happen to stumble upon some delicious photos from me and Josh's trip to Fentons over spring break. Rain and ice cream seem to go hand-in-hand, almost rivaling peanut butter and bananas, what could be a more perfect post on such an ugggg-lay (She's the Man reference anyone?) day?

After being featured in Pixar's Up, Fentons has been getting much deserved appreciation and loving. Being a Bay Area native, and a Berkeley resident, it seemed ridiculous that I haven't been yet despite living just a hop and a skip over (aka a town), so I made it a spring break must-do that Josh happily obliged to. I just HAD to order the biggest, baddest sundae they offer, the banana special, because we all know that "bigger is better." When the menu say HUGE scoops, they absolutely, wholeheartedly, 100% mean it. No teeny Ici scoops here, Fentons delivers as promised. Ice cream for breakfast, wow I totally lived 7 year old me's dream, hey girl hey!


maggie said...

I live in Marin and I have never heard of this place! Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! Must try it out this Saturday, after I take the ACT :) I'll need it!

xx maggie

Mimi said...

ohmygoodness, i died just looking at that sundae!!! every child's dream sundae right there, haha! wowowowow! ;)

<3, Mimi
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james said...

take. me. with. you. here. the net time i'm in town. even though i couldnt finish my whole turkey burger, i can demolish this bitch in a second ;-) love you girlie hope youre well!!


Stephanie Hjelmeseth said...

I LOVE Fenton's! Great job finishing it...have you seen their 3 pound ice cream challenge?? I personally hold Ici as my favorite ice cream shop :)

xo Stephanie

Sfizi e Sfarzi Moda said...


Unknown said...

Wouaw Icream cup is sooooo huge!!
Seems delicious! I love ice cream!


Curiouser and Curiouser said...

Woah, that ice cream is epic! Can't believe the size of it! Good on ya for finishing it! :) x x


Bree said...

Wow, that is HUGE! Never seen that before. Was is good? :)


P said...

OMGWTFOOO I WANT I WANTTTTTTTTT!!!! *o* !!!! THAT LOOkS SO GOODDDDD!!! as i sip on coffee at work...SIGHHHHH @_@

lol it was in Up? I didn't even notice, I thought it was taken place in a fictional area. if i ever go to Cali I'd definitely swing on by. I wanna go~~~~ wahh~

and yeah, ugh those rainy days!!! :( makes me go withdraw into a ball and become emo lol!

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