April 25, 2012


Holy moly raviolis! It's been one long dry spell...in terms of blogging...and then some (whistles). The last week or so was a whirlwind of midterms, papers, quarter-life crisises, events and working a butt ton, it was difficult to think, much less write, with my brain processing far too many thoughts at once. And then, as if by sheer magic, I snapped right out of it. I still have no idea what clicked inside but everything just seemed, not to sound overly cliche, clearer, like the world is finally starting to fall into its rightful place. I haven't been able to wipe this little smile off my face since then and it's all good in the hood cause I am finally feeling giddy and ready to get bloggy again! Hip hip HOOOOOORAY

On off days when I'm already late for a million and one things, Instagram has been my savior, my go-to, basically my "fashion drive thru" to stay connected and documenting. I am a full-blown addict, I've been known to say "don't even think about eating that until I instagram it!" What can I say? I'm a totally social media sucker.

We will be back to regular programming, also known as outfit posts, very very soon love bugs!


Gina said...

I like <3


Kashara of Undiscovered Worth said...

cute photos:) I always enjoy reading your blog. it's really fresh and inspirational.