April 8, 2012


apparel: Gap peacoat {Buffalo Exchange}, Ralph Lauren button up {thrifted}, floral tank top {thrifted}, borrowed gray cardigan {Target}, black coated skinnies {AE}
footwear: Metallic leather brogues {ASOS}
accessories: Neon satchel {Target}, assortment of bracelets {f21, H&M, De Masque, Charlotte Russe, homemade}

What would two food-obsessed girls do on a rainy day? Get brunch at La Boulange of course! Macarons, a ham and potato tart, and good conversations seem to make even the ugliest days b-e-a-utiful. Laura and I, lovers of all things aesthetically eye-catching, had such a cute ol' time at La Boulange, with it's old-city vibe and delicious, mouth-watering treats that made my tummy grumble in delight and anticipation. With it being the last time I was going to see my best friend in a while (4 months to be exact), it was the perfect, most delicious, way to say "see you later, alligator!" 

The rain always puts me into the most dreary mood, especially when it's spring break and all I crave is some vitamin D. Putting on a peacoat when I should be shimmying on a bikini seems wrong, oh so wrong, but a bright green neon satchel always seems to put me into a fun mood. Adding a neon green bracelet to my bun makes it a little less messy and a little more awesome, oui? My bestie is the cutest little pint-sized dresser, her outfit just screams sasssssss-sssy! Just the way I like it.


Stephanie Hjelmeseth said...

I LOVE your satchel! I want to stop by Target now :D Also I've always wanted to try La Boulange, the macarons look delicious!

xo Stephanie

marykapsi said...

So gorgeous outfit!


maggie said...

Yum! Love La Boulange, the food there is so yummy! (Especially the macarons, haha)
Love your satchel, you two ladies look great :)
xx maggie

Laura said...

Yayyy I made it onto your blog :P Misssssss youuuu lets get some legit macarons in Paris please! <3

Diane said...

Oh man, the neon satchel + the fuzzy grey pea coat is such a perfect combination. And I love the graphic tee peeking out from underneath the cardigan.

Joyce said...

i know what you mean!! it's always rainy on the weekends too.. lol i love how you described it as 'vitamin D'..well for sure, we need some sunshine in our lives ~ i know dark rainy days makes me -_- feel lazy too. brunch with a girlfriend is the best! glad to hear you girls had a great time. love your outfits too~ you've mixed them so adorably :D


Bree said...

Really like the outfit of your friend :)


Unknown said...

oooo!! loving the brogues and neon satchel!!

- aimee
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