April 28, 2012


apparel: thrifted jean jacket (GAP), gifted rabbit fur vest, borrowed button up, black coated jeans (American Eagle)
footwear: metallic brogues (ASOS)
accessories: borrowed headband, borrowed plaid purse

Coca Cola. Sundaes on Sundays. White picket fence. Thanksgiving dinner. Denim. Classic. American.

Enough said.


Kashara of Undiscovered Worth said...

I love that plaid purse. I think it's the circular shape that intrigues me the most:) great outfit.


Mimi said...

i love this look! every element just went so well with each other. :)

<3, Mimi

ahoymichelle said...

Woah! I am loving the sweater and plaid bag! :)

Brittany said...

This is perfect for Berkeley's unpredictable weather. Lookin' good, girl!

Gina said...

I love you, Anisa! So cute, so beautiful!!!


Nora said...

Ooohh love those brogues, I just ordered the black ones for work so please tell me they're super comfy!

Nora Finds

Bree said...

Like your bag. It's great!


Brittney said...

I have to agree with everyone - the bag is awesome! You look gorgeous as always. :)

Analisa said...

Girl! I think you need to put your URL in your comments, because when I try to click your name, it goes to an error page that says your profile is unavailable and I have to manually go to your blog by my dashboard :( Haha. Anyway this outfit is amaaazing! How neat are those shoes and coated jeans!

Ebony Styles said...

I love your jean jacket. Really cute.