April 30, 2012


apparel: Jason Wu x Target button up, sweater (GAP), raspberry corduroy shorts (Urban Outfitters)
footwear: suede booties (Dolce Vita)
accessories: vintage Coach satchel, turquoise ring (Berkeley street vendor),  snake-skin bracelet (H&M), etc.

People have the oddest fascination with corduroy. I get the most ambiguous reactions when people see these shorts, but then again, I myself had a mini-heart attack when I found them. I guess corduroy just has that effect on people. Couldn't resist pairing the dark raspberry against the soft pink and brightness of key lime green. The subtle neon feeds my addiction without blinding those around me, a win-win in my book.
April 28, 2012


apparel: thrifted jean jacket (GAP), gifted rabbit fur vest, borrowed button up, black coated jeans (American Eagle)
footwear: metallic brogues (ASOS)
accessories: borrowed headband, borrowed plaid purse

Coca Cola. Sundaes on Sundays. White picket fence. Thanksgiving dinner. Denim. Classic. American.

Enough said.
April 25, 2012


Holy moly raviolis! It's been one long dry spell...in terms of blogging...and then some (whistles). The last week or so was a whirlwind of midterms, papers, quarter-life crisises, events and working a butt ton, it was difficult to think, much less write, with my brain processing far too many thoughts at once. And then, as if by sheer magic, I snapped right out of it. I still have no idea what clicked inside but everything just seemed, not to sound overly cliche, clearer, like the world is finally starting to fall into its rightful place. I haven't been able to wipe this little smile off my face since then and it's all good in the hood cause I am finally feeling giddy and ready to get bloggy again! Hip hip HOOOOOORAY

On off days when I'm already late for a million and one things, Instagram has been my savior, my go-to, basically my "fashion drive thru" to stay connected and documenting. I am a full-blown addict, I've been known to say "don't even think about eating that until I instagram it!" What can I say? I'm a totally social media sucker.

We will be back to regular programming, also known as outfit posts, very very soon love bugs!
April 15, 2012


Sometimes I wish I could live a much simpler life; one full of greens, beautiful flowers, and endless blue skies with nights completely and utterly brimming full of stars. Can't you just feel the calm blissful breeze blowing through your hair? The smile that just won't quit, knowing that you have everything you'll need and you're happy with all that you have. Living for the sweet simple pleasures in life, being delighted by your day-to-day. To live a life that doesn't stress, that doesn't require me to give more than I take, a life that is pleasantly pleasant.

But then reality slaps me in the face and kicks me in the balls.

That's not me at all. I commend, applaud and even praise those that can have lives like that, hell, I wish I could be happy with all that as well, but that's simply not me. I am a dreamer, a hardcore dreamer who have plans that are overwhelmingly large, probably not realistic in any sense, but are mine to have nonetheless. I'm the kind of girl who has been wishing for city living ever since she could make wishes. I'm loud, I'm obnoxious, I'm in-your-face, I'm probably the girl that you love to hate and hate to love. I like attention but I need anonymity, I like chatter as well as utter silence, I am optimistic yet extremely pessimistic; I need the ups and downs of life in order to feel alright. Boredom comes quickly to my brain that over-thinks 1000 thoughts/second and without a remedy, it feels suffocating. I am an on-the-go, see-you-never, so-stressed-I-just-want-to-cry and don't-talk-to-me-before-coffee sort of a gal, never really sure if what I want is actually what I want or what I should want. I love the energy, the vivacity, the feeling of city life from the bright lights to the tall skyscrapers to the sea of faces that you pass by.

But a simplistic life sounds so right, so okay, like such a great alternative to one full of late nights, eye bags, and price tags. I guess there are certain give-and-takes in each and every choice we make, whether it's a small gesture to a life-changing monumental decision, our lives are the consequences of our subsequent actions and decisions and if we can live with the choices we have made.

In Ke$ha's eloquent words, "we r who we r" and there ain't nothing wrong with that either.
April 10, 2012


{photo cred: 1}

Rain makes me feel even more sloth-like than usual and it has been raining all day leading me to ideally surf through my folder of unedited photos during work. And what do you know, I just so happen to stumble upon some delicious photos from me and Josh's trip to Fentons over spring break. Rain and ice cream seem to go hand-in-hand, almost rivaling peanut butter and bananas, what could be a more perfect post on such an ugggg-lay (She's the Man reference anyone?) day?

After being featured in Pixar's Up, Fentons has been getting much deserved appreciation and loving. Being a Bay Area native, and a Berkeley resident, it seemed ridiculous that I haven't been yet despite living just a hop and a skip over (aka a town), so I made it a spring break must-do that Josh happily obliged to. I just HAD to order the biggest, baddest sundae they offer, the banana special, because we all know that "bigger is better." When the menu say HUGE scoops, they absolutely, wholeheartedly, 100% mean it. No teeny Ici scoops here, Fentons delivers as promised. Ice cream for breakfast, wow I totally lived 7 year old me's dream, hey girl hey!
April 8, 2012


apparel: Gap peacoat {Buffalo Exchange}, Ralph Lauren button up {thrifted}, floral tank top {thrifted}, borrowed gray cardigan {Target}, black coated skinnies {AE}
footwear: Metallic leather brogues {ASOS}
accessories: Neon satchel {Target}, assortment of bracelets {f21, H&M, De Masque, Charlotte Russe, homemade}

What would two food-obsessed girls do on a rainy day? Get brunch at La Boulange of course! Macarons, a ham and potato tart, and good conversations seem to make even the ugliest days b-e-a-utiful. Laura and I, lovers of all things aesthetically eye-catching, had such a cute ol' time at La Boulange, with it's old-city vibe and delicious, mouth-watering treats that made my tummy grumble in delight and anticipation. With it being the last time I was going to see my best friend in a while (4 months to be exact), it was the perfect, most delicious, way to say "see you later, alligator!" 

The rain always puts me into the most dreary mood, especially when it's spring break and all I crave is some vitamin D. Putting on a peacoat when I should be shimmying on a bikini seems wrong, oh so wrong, but a bright green neon satchel always seems to put me into a fun mood. Adding a neon green bracelet to my bun makes it a little less messy and a little more awesome, oui? My bestie is the cutest little pint-sized dresser, her outfit just screams sasssssss-sssy! Just the way I like it.
April 5, 2012


apparel: peach dress (China), metallic black sweater (H&M)
footwearmetallic leather brogues (ASOS)
accessoriesgifted snake-printed clutch (Urban Outfitters), bracelets (f21, Charlotte Russe, De Masque & handmade)

My last dinner before heading back to Cal, my family and I wined and dined (just dined for me) at Forbes Mill Steakhouse in Danville. Since I'm practically a veg at college, I try to cram in my meat intake when I'm home. While it's probably not the healthiest, it's delicious and it makes me happy and sleepy (food coma anyone?). The food was pretty tasty but my favorite, FAVORITE part of the meal was the Kona coffee creme brulee (pretend there are accents where they belong), it's such a classy party in your mouth because, well, it IS creme brulee.

Life is pretty peachy keen when you're wearing such a peachy dress! Dressing at home is always a hard time for me because I constantly find myself in need of that perfect shirt/bracelet/ring/necklace/shoe that's back in Berkeley, waiting for me, taunting me, but I always seem to make do. And if I can't, I shop. So, really, it's a little bit of a win-win situation, so why am I even complaining? Forgive me.

A little late to the arm candy craze, I am a full fledged addict now! I love everything about it; from the extra detail it adds to every outfit to the jiggling "click-clack" it makes every time I move. I have yet to find a fault with having arm swag, this must mean love.
April 3, 2012


Easter Wish List

Easter Wish List

While not religious, I just love the colors of Easter; from the baby pink and light blue to the mellow yellow, it feels all dainty, sweet and oh so very girly. Me gusta. I choose to believe that the Easter Bunny is the Santa Claus reincarnated and thus will bring me awesome springtastic goodies inside the little pastel-colored eggs. Now, how he/she going to fit these Cole Haan oxfords inside those teeny tiny eggs is another story...
April 1, 2012


borrowed Gap sweater, thrifted plaid button up, 
Urban Outfitter's red high-waisted skinnies,
 ASOS Havoc heels, thrifted vintage box bag

Hey hey April, what's up? Looking at the calendar and seeing most of the days marked and circled intimidates the crap out of me. It makes me want to stay in my cozy little bed and sulk until May 11th rolls on by. So I beg of you, be nice to me...pretty pretty please? Definitely got myself a very very busy month ahead, you can say that my plate is bursting full of various activities, but I will make an honest attempt at blogging and updating more, much much more. I can guarantee you this ain't no April Fool's joke either.

A simple outfit to start off what was the beginning of my spring break. After avoiding my laundry for almost a solid month, I had to do seven, count em, seven loads of laundry at home. What a way to start off my break right? Procrastination always seems to bite me in the tush but I never ever seem to learn my lesson. hat I have learned is that donning on a pair of colored skinnies is an easy way to fool others into thinking that you've tried way harder than you actually did. Let's keep this little nugget of information between you and me, otherwise, how else am I suppose to get away with not doing laundry for a whole month?!