March 21, 2012


{borrowed Nasty Gal sweater, H&M pink jeans, glasses necklace c/o Modcloth,  bow flats & leather bag via Taiwan}

A little convo between the boy ringing me up at Urban Outfitters and I:
Boy: I really like your necklace.
Me: I dig it too, it really brings out my nerdy side. (side note: yes, I am this lame in real life)
Boy: So any big plans tonight?
Me: ...uhhh...I'm seeing my mom? So...does that count? (side note: yes, I really am this awkward too)
Boy: Hey, moms are cool! I love my mom!

So there you go, moms are cool. And so is my nerdy glasses necklace. And I have absolutely no game.

On the note of moms, I fully endorse hanging out with your mom (and dad!) especially if you're not home much. I mean this really is about the only time I get to eat delicious food that makes my knees go weak and does not require the assistance of a microwave. Oh and  did I mention that it's free? Free makes anything taste better...besides the knuckle sandwich of course.

Simplicity is key when the winds are blowing at a ridiculous 20 mph thus I opted to do some intense colorblocking for a nice shopping trip in Walnut Creek. Got myself some sweaters, florals and a wee bit of neon, my upcoming obsessions that you'll be seeing tons of since spring is finally about to make its grand entrance. It's been a whole entire year since we last met and I can assure you that this time, it will be better than ever. Imagine a dream of pastels, florals, plaids, whites, heels, wedges, flats, and everything else spring-like you could ever wish for your closet to contain! It's all about to happen. See, dreams really do come true.


maggie said...

Hey, I love hanging with my mom, too! Of course, I live with her so... heh

Love how simple your outfit is, and really enjoy your necklace!

xx maggie

Laura said...

O_O THAT LOOKS SO GOOD. and i just had dinner... hahha x)

Gina said...

Yay! more frequent posts! I love your pink pants + your post.

Jo said...

That convo between you and the boy is SO cute! <3 And parents are awesome! It's one of the pros of being a Cal commuter student :)

Johanna L. said...

Hanging out with your mum is totally cool, I love to hang out with mine as well. Plus, don't you think everyone having a blog is a bit nerdy? I mean, all the time we put on sitting in front of the computer, writing, coding, adjusting pictures... Nerd, huh? :D Which is more than cool. It's awesome. xoxo ♥

Izzy said...

HAHAHA your conversation with the UO guy is so funny! yeah I can make really awkward convos with people as well. I think your convo went well though- you both bonded over some motherly love haha. Cute pants btw! :)

marykapsi said...

Amazing photos!

Heaven said...

Great pics :)

I invite you to

Sootjeelina said...

I love this post so much! Love the pictures and text, and it's always nice others are just as awkward as you. It's bonding.

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

BrennaLu said...

chic mom in hot pink jeans, looks fab!

M├│nica Villar said...

Cool pics!! i love the pink pants

A chic kiss ;)

james said...

haha, i love this dialogue between you and boy will no balls to ask you out on a date ;-) and uh, why is it that free really does make everything taste better? lol. hope you are doing well cuite pie!!

<3 james

Bree said...

Your funny Anisa :)
Can't wait for my dreams to come true...

Have a great week!


chroscenium said...

moms are cool!!! :D

Joyce said...

lmao you're awesome :D yes indeed, moms or parents in general and best. (unconditional love) and i agree~~ it's always over some delicious meal ^_^

lol funny conversation at urban with that guy~~

love your outfit too. it's so basic yet colorful! =) and i love that necklace too


Krys said...

The counter boy sounds cool too; mother love is the best! I kind of love whenever you wear these pants because they're such a bold statement even with the simplicity of the rest of your outfit...especially whether you're going to lecture or meeting up with your mum. Hope you had a lovely time and good week so far! xx