March 25, 2012


{braided sweater via Korea, Free People high-lo skirt worn sideways, thrifted belt,
Dolce Vita Harness booties, vintage cheetah bag via Crossroads Trading Co.}
{photos by Rosa Nguyen}

Even though this outfit does not have the same shade of baby powder blue, I still feel like Cindy reincarnated. And by Cindy, I most definitely am referring to the one and only Cinderella. Why? My dear friend Rosa, who, in the same fashion as the fairy godmother, has the ability to transform my awkward duckling self into a graceful swan with just a few clicks and adjustments of her camera. This girl has mad skills, magic fingers, the perfect touch, whatever it is, I am OBSESSED with it (and her!) and couldn't be giddier with the results. Prancing and twirling around campus was hilariously fun as well, the confused people passing by always make for an amusing time.

I bought this hi-lo skirt from Free People awhile ago when it went on sale and never gave it a second glance because, frankly, I didn't know exactly how to wear it anymore. While the standard mullet effect no longer got me excited, I love the unexpected asymmetry you achieve by shifting it a few inches to the side. Much more waterfall-like and peaceful in my opinion. I found the perfect oversized sweater with just the right amount of slouch during my trip to Seoul; I fell in love with the braided back and knew it belonged in my closet almost instantaneously. The little random pop of leopard was to keep the outfit from getting too overly girly and toothachingly sweet like a rom com gone nacho cheesy. Just kidding, there are no such thing as a rom com that is TOO cheesy, pile on that American and serve it to me on a paper plate (I hate dishes), please and thank you!
March 21, 2012


{borrowed Nasty Gal sweater, H&M pink jeans, glasses necklace c/o Modcloth,  bow flats & leather bag via Taiwan}

A little convo between the boy ringing me up at Urban Outfitters and I:
Boy: I really like your necklace.
Me: I dig it too, it really brings out my nerdy side. (side note: yes, I am this lame in real life)
Boy: So any big plans tonight?
Me: ...uhhh...I'm seeing my mom? So...does that count? (side note: yes, I really am this awkward too)
Boy: Hey, moms are cool! I love my mom!

So there you go, moms are cool. And so is my nerdy glasses necklace. And I have absolutely no game.

On the note of moms, I fully endorse hanging out with your mom (and dad!) especially if you're not home much. I mean this really is about the only time I get to eat delicious food that makes my knees go weak and does not require the assistance of a microwave. Oh and  did I mention that it's free? Free makes anything taste better...besides the knuckle sandwich of course.

Simplicity is key when the winds are blowing at a ridiculous 20 mph thus I opted to do some intense colorblocking for a nice shopping trip in Walnut Creek. Got myself some sweaters, florals and a wee bit of neon, my upcoming obsessions that you'll be seeing tons of since spring is finally about to make its grand entrance. It's been a whole entire year since we last met and I can assure you that this time, it will be better than ever. Imagine a dream of pastels, florals, plaids, whites, heels, wedges, flats, and everything else spring-like you could ever wish for your closet to contain! It's all about to happen. See, dreams really do come true.
March 17, 2012


{borrowed kimono top, Truly Madly Deeply tiger crop top, bow shorts/leather bag via Taiwan, 
Dolce Vita harness booties, grandma's vintage leopard bangle, turquoise ring via street vendor, 
 f21 candy cane bangle, feather bangle/elephant ring/leather bracelet via Taiwan}

Sometimes we just have to let the tiger within come out and play. Mixing delicate bow-tie shorts with the ferocious tigre tee equalizes the outfit and the added kimono top packs the right amount of BAM. Since my hair is FINALLY growing out a bit, I get to play around with other ways to wear it besides down and up and I'm totally loving it. Accessories aren't really my forte but I'm completely determined to turn it into an obsession, and it's already working as I have a little arm soiree going on, on both arms might I add.

I finally decided to stop spamming my Facebook friends with blog updates and made ze blog a page of it's own! Please please please like the FACEBOOK PAGE, I appreciate ALL of the support and love from all of you! xox
March 13, 2012


{photo cred: 1, 2, 6, 9}

Okay, so not exactly like sassy Posh Spice but ChandaCindyKathleen and I definitely made do at the Poshmark x SF event that took place on leap day. Getting together with these crazy silly girls always makes life 1000x more entertaining. Walking backwards down a hill? Check. Taking over the polaroids? Check. Swooning and oohing over all the lust-worthy clothing? Check and check. Eating mini sandwich after mini sandwich? Che...oh wait, that was just me. Hugs and kisses to Poshmark for putting on such a fun event, can't wait until the next one!
March 7, 2012


{vintage coral blazer via Joellenlove, borrowed chiffon top, borrowed Urban Outfitters cornflower blue lace bodysuit, thrifted Levis cutoffs, f21 ankle socks, Pieces Vida Canvas sneaks via ASOS, Ecote burnt orange backpack}

In need of some bonding time (as if we needed more), Julie and I are decided to make our time together a productive one and went on a little study date on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Almost twin-like, we're starting to dress way too alike without even trying, as exemplified by our matching brand new white sneaks, socks and thrifted Levis. We even have matching backpacks! Needless to say, she's my other halfsies, my love, and my sole sister (we love shoes!). 

Elmwood Cafe, a cute little coffee shop on the corner of College and Benvenue, the atmosphere is quaint, simple and really just delightful. If it wasn't so far (it really isn't that far), my booty thang would be planted there daily. Nevertheless, it's a nice little "getaway" cafe for those days when seeing familiar faces every three seconds just doesn't seem like an attractive plan. While we opted for their mocha instead of their latte, I couldn't pass up a golden chance to slip in a great Scrubs reference (did anyone catch that?). And really, their mocha was BOMB, so yummy and they even serve it in a cute little bowl/cup; I'm hooked.

Don't I look like a 70s gym star? To everyone's disbelief, I'm wearing sneaks! It's been a good 5 years since I last wore normal sneakers that didn't have sequins plastered on it and I am flat out addicted. The simplicity, old-schoolness and versatility, not to mention comfort, of sneaks totally snuck up on me! I may need to add a couple more pairs to my collection. A simple outfit for a simple day out, I went color crazy thanks to the crazy great weather; coral, cornflower blue, kelly green, and burnt orange. I probably broke all kinds of fashion rules but oh well! Nothing can break my spirit when I'm on a sunshine high + a caffeine high, I'm kind of known for being silly like that.
March 4, 2012


{H&M hi-lo chiffon dress, Provocateur Joe's Jeans, black cardigan via Taiwan, 
leather bag via Taiwan, statement necklace via Taiwan, f21 brown bow heels} 

With February behind us, I am already starting to enjoy March immensely. I've never been the biggest fan of the month of February or much of a fan at all. Why? I honestly have no idea. The only thing that perpetuates this distain are memories of bad events and bad luck that seems to plague me during those 28, and sometimes 29, days. Maybe it has to do with my need for everything to fall into pattern and, with an odd number of days, it's the awkward month out. Perhaps it has to do with the little sunshine we get during the month. No matter what, March has always been kinder to me as proven by the last couple of days which were filled with midnight baking, sing-a-longs, cuddle sesses with the besties, and tons of glorious sunshine. With only 2.5 months left until summer beckons, I am already counting down the days and crossing off the dates until the much anticipated summer haze and daze sets in.

Wore this getup to All Vintage Everything event that my internship, DNA (designers+artist), put on in the city a few weeks back. Drinks, vintage and great company, what more could you ask for on a Thursday night? I started off with the chiffon hi-low dress from H&M, a simple basic that I always gravitate towards when I'm in a rush. I've been waiting for the perfect outfit to wear the statement necklace I bought in Taiwan that reminds me of funkadelic piano keys, and this was it. Being the hardcore skinny jean wearer that I am, putting on any other cut just seems, and more so, feels wrong. Not having the denim caress and hug my calves, although freeing, feels like I'm cheating on my skinnies. But I can't help myself; my Provocateurs slims and lifts at all the right places and I've never felt prettier in a pair of jeans. It's definitely a growing love affair. I'm finally admitting it, after being in straight up denial for the past 8 year, it's finally time; Denim, I. Love. You. I do! I do!