February 1, 2012


So being the huge internet junkie that I am, I was psyched when Sneakpeeq approached me because, come on, my life on the internet revolves heavily around shopping and all things pretty. The concept makes me giddy with joy; an awesome social media shopping company that promises "all things you love but haven't discovered," what's not to love? I'm sold. The variety alone is ridonk, from home decor to clothing to yummy eats; there really is something for anyone and everyone. I can seriously see myself getting disgustingly attached to this and I'm so excited for our relationship to blossom into something mushy and very gushy. Trust me on this one, Sneakpeeq will change the way you shop forever.

So to get the lovin' flowing, Sneakpeeq and I are hosting a giveaway, the first giveaway of 2012! This isn't just any giveaway, this is a giveaway where everyone wins (well, sort of). Everyone and anyone who signs up will get 20% off their next purchase and just in time for Valentines Day! The winner will get a $25 Sneekpeeq gift card to use on anything their little heart desires, interested? OF COURSE YOU ARE!

How to enter:
Entering is simple as 1-2-3! 
1. All you have to do is click HERE & register (new membs only!)
2. Follow me on GFC or Bloglovin'
3. Leave a comment with your contact information
That's it!

Extra entries:
Follow me on Twitter (+1)
Tweet about the giveaway (+1)
Write me a haiku (+1)

Giveaway ends two weeks from today on February 14th at 11:59 pm! 
Good luck lovers <3

EDIT: Congrats to TORI for winning the $25 gift card!


Dolce said...

Wow that's one neat giveaway :) good luck to those who joined for the giveaway!!

Jo Bao ♥

maggie said...

Oh Anisa-san,
I can't write haikus at all,
but I did for this.

(my haiku)
I registered! Plus I follow you on Twitter :)

contact info: Maggie P. @ maggie.ce.pa [at] gmail.com

xx maggie

Unknown said...

Hope I win!

Aneirys Acevedo

Tori said...

I would love to win! I signed up and have already been following your blog.

Bree said...

Sounds pretty amazing.


Katrine - make it and fake it said...

cool, i am checking this out :)

love K