February 28, 2012


{furry coat via Korea, gifted furry vest, denim vest, H&M tan skinnies, 
TBA 5ONTHEDOT velvet wedges, neon satchel via Target, f21 necklace}

Sometimes all a gal needs is a little R&R with her mama to feel alright again. It also helps that this R&R happened over a gorgeous and delicious brunch at Liaison, a brunch so good it had me saying oui oui over and over again! Our relationship has grown so much in the last 1.5 years since I moved out for college and it's a great feeling to mend some fences that I never thought was possible. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd have the kind of mother-daughter relationship that consists of us chatting on the phone, in between lectures, about summer plans, friends, and Jeremy Lin (she LOVES him, like really). There are days where I feel like I'm the same person I was back in high school, and then I just think back to us, how we've grown, matured and learned from our mistakes, and I realize just how different I have become. Growing up is much more than what we can physically see and assess, sometimes it just sneaks up on you.

Now that I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy, we can ooh and aah at my fuzzy wuzzy jacket that traveled over 5000 miles with me from Korea. It is definitely one of the warmest and most gawked at item hanging in my closet. Adding on the neon satchel that has yet to leave my side and these amazing TBA burgundy wedges that my mother promptly dubbed "break-your-neck" shoes that I won from Solestruck (sorry FB friends for all the spam but thank you Solestruck!), I am one happy (and warm) camper. I love the mixture of velvet with the shagginess and the fuzzy sweater vest+ denim combo makes it completely me. Never thought I'd be one to try tan on tan but, hey, never say never right?


maggie said...

I loooove your fuzzy sweater and velvet wedges! Super gorgeous. And the food looks great! Super jealous ;c

My family's been infected with Linsanity, too! He's always on the TW news haha

xx maggie

Anonymous said...

Darling blog! Shall we follow each other?
Let me know. xxxx

Love those velvet wedges!

xx Emily

Natalie Anne Bourn said...

your velvet wedges are beautiful, and the food looks delicious, some lovely photographs.

alee said...

i like anisa and her clothes ;) miss you babe xoxo

The Fashion Philosophy said...

So pretty! LOVE this look! That furry cardi is so amazing!

ox from NYC!


james said...

aw, this was sweet <3 absence makes the heart grow fonder<3 im happy you and your mama had some good quality time together. love your korean sweater!

<3 jamie

Clara Turbay said...

love it. i´ll be back soon!

Bruna Marx said...

That food looks so good! and I love these pics and your outfit too.

Nicolette said...

those wedges are GORGEOUS.. like seriously! I LOVE them.


Izzy said...

LOOVE the wedges! the plum colour is amazing but the best part is the velvet material. so unique and gorgeous! :D


Su said...

Nice post and omg nice blog!!
Would love to follow eachother! :D
Love always, vanilla x


Kristin said...

love the color of your shoes ! <3

michelle_ said...

love them very much !!

Bree said...

haha. you're right never say never:)
Love the velvet wedges!


Estefanía Ainoza said...

Great pictures! I love it!!

jas said...

that food looks delish!


Michelle Wan said...

looks so yummy,thanks for sharing
come visit my blog?

Miss Woody said...


Laura said...

Such a great outfit!


Yola Thorp said...

Amazing photos, love your blog!


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Those orchids are so pretty! I love your velvet wedges! =)


Analisa said...

The food looks delirious! And your sweater looks sooo comfy :)

www.rougefox.com / giveaway on my blog

Daria said...

Those shoes are incredible! love your outfit.

And yes, when I was away from home for studying I somehow got much closer with my mom. She's kind of a best friend to me now :)

Daria, the Fashionsurfer

Kdotorg said...

Love your outfit, especially that satchel! Also looking at that food made my mouth water. Awesome blog :)

theversastyle said...

ahhh delicious fooood!!! the velvet looks sooo lush on those wedges!!


Ava Tallulah said...

Your style is awesome. Those shoes are kickass. Also, your brunch looks absolutely delicious! Making me hungry....


Joyce said...

very lovely outfit of the day! i've been loving fuzzy sweaters/jackets lately as well. i think you found a great one. asian fashion is the best ^_^

wow i can relate so much.. i think what you said is very true. many times, it's easy for us to feel like we're still 'young' and 'same'..but of course we are not because we have grown as a person through our own experiences over the years.

i think there is nothing better than a good mother-daughter bond! ..lol i learn so much from my mom.. since of course she is older and has more experience in life about things..hence wisdom to share.

glad to hear your brunch was very rewarding! and yay another jeremy lin fan woot woot!!

keep in touch! <3

Kaizen Fashion Project said...

Ooooo LOVE those wedges!


chroscenium said...

rocking that furry coat! & those shoes are amazing!

i've been meaning to try that place for the LONGEST time, but i never got around to it. it looks really good though!it's so cute that you have lunch with just your mom.

megcasson said...

Oh yummy food and I looooove your outfit!


yiqin; said...

way too cute. i want your cardi :P

Style Servings said...

BEautiful!!!! Drooling over the pic of the orchids and that last one of your shoes!


devorelebeaumonstre. said...

so pretty! <3


Unknown said...

I am so in love with your furry coat and velvet booties! This whole outfit is just wonderful! Can I has?

fox hunter said...

so cool! really love your style :-)
xx from germany