February 12, 2012


{leopard cardigan from Korea, thrifted dark denim vest, thrifted denim cutoffs, 
leather bag from korea, tights, Urban Outfitter's lace ups, wishbone necklace from Taiwan}

Hugs and kisses for all, I've missed you all! Getting back into college life has been a struggle; a struggle to get out of bed, to get into bed on time, to get to class on time, to not look like a hot mess, etc. I've been a little busy busy working bee, buzzing about throughout campus, staying late and coming home even later, but that's just how life goes right? Just learning how to go with the flow and taking baby steps, it's been a challenge, a BIG one. With midterms up and about in oh...3 days, I am scattered if anything. But, as always, friend time > study time and thus I am stuck, inside, on a Sunday, trying to catch up on a ton of reading. My b.

DENIM AND LEOPARD! My two favorites! Always afraid to combine the best of both worlds, I was pleasantly surprised at the lovechild; with the contrasting dark and light denim, the coziness of the sweater, and the nonchalantness of the whole shabang, it is definitely something I could get used to. Sadly, my leather bag snapped just after two wears, on my way to class. Besides the embarrassment of having half of the amount of necessary straps, I had to cradle the guts of my bag as if it was my newborn. I guess it's true that they say, "quality over quantity," but I've already found my replacement and I can't wait to show you guys soon, very soon! 

Until then, since I finally jumped onto the iPhone bandwagon (and loving it more and more each day), catch up with my on INSTAGRAM and let the fun photogenic times begin!

ALSO! Since Fashion Week is raging on in New York, be sure to check out my fast, quick, straight-to-the-point recap of some MBFW shows over at the DNA (designers+atists) blog!


joy said...

I love the dark denim with the light denim. Your leopard print cardigan is awesome, i'm kind of obsessed with large leopard print right now :P

james said...

lovee your leopard cardi! and denim on denim, i love too! i hope you get some downtime soon and life as a student sucks sometimes, right? i may be in the bay during spring break, woo!!

Gina said...

I love it! + the leopard definitely completes it! You're the cutest! :)

Laureen said...

Great outfit, the leopard cardigan looks really great

maggie said...

Love your combo of dark and light denim paired with the leopard print! Super cool :)

xx maggie

onesixthreechirp said...

I love denim too! I just ordered a denim jacket yesterday. :)

Bree said...

The sweater seems very cozy:)


Unknown said...

Love the look!

Francesca Giusti said...

love this look and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Unknown said...

super cute cardi!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Davina said...

thanks for your thoughtful comment! you are soo sweet, i know you will definitely find that someone one day! never settle and keep praying for your future spouse, that has helped me a lot, back when i was single : )

yiqin; said...

that cardi is SO cute. i want one too!!

Lamia Alaoui said...

Great look ! Love the cardi :)

Krys said...

I hope that midterms have been going alright! Busy, busy, but it'll be so nice when it's over. (How are you already at midterms anyways? Mine aren't until March!) Yay for getting an iPhone and good luck with the rest of your exams! You can do it! xx

cuteredbow said...

Beautiful outfit ! Love your shorts !

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Tinacious Me said...

just discovered your blog! You are super cute.