February 28, 2012


{furry coat via Korea, gifted furry vest, denim vest, H&M tan skinnies, 
TBA 5ONTHEDOT velvet wedges, neon satchel via Target, f21 necklace}

Sometimes all a gal needs is a little R&R with her mama to feel alright again. It also helps that this R&R happened over a gorgeous and delicious brunch at Liaison, a brunch so good it had me saying oui oui over and over again! Our relationship has grown so much in the last 1.5 years since I moved out for college and it's a great feeling to mend some fences that I never thought was possible. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd have the kind of mother-daughter relationship that consists of us chatting on the phone, in between lectures, about summer plans, friends, and Jeremy Lin (she LOVES him, like really). There are days where I feel like I'm the same person I was back in high school, and then I just think back to us, how we've grown, matured and learned from our mistakes, and I realize just how different I have become. Growing up is much more than what we can physically see and assess, sometimes it just sneaks up on you.

Now that I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy, we can ooh and aah at my fuzzy wuzzy jacket that traveled over 5000 miles with me from Korea. It is definitely one of the warmest and most gawked at item hanging in my closet. Adding on the neon satchel that has yet to leave my side and these amazing TBA burgundy wedges that my mother promptly dubbed "break-your-neck" shoes that I won from Solestruck (sorry FB friends for all the spam but thank you Solestruck!), I am one happy (and warm) camper. I love the mixture of velvet with the shagginess and the fuzzy sweater vest+ denim combo makes it completely me. Never thought I'd be one to try tan on tan but, hey, never say never right?
February 25, 2012


{thrifted GAP denim jacket, thrifted leopard button up, thrifted striped top, H&M faux suede overalls, 
f21 thigh high socks, brown boots via Taiwan, leather bag via Korea, jade & leopard bracelets via Grandma}

Thank goodness for the sun, it reminds me that there are other things to wear besides jeans, leggings and plaid (oh my oh!) The surge of good weather matches my newfound surge of good energy! Well, the sun and sleep, lots and lots of good ol' fashioned sleep. It seems that things that start with S makes me happy like summer, singing, sunrise and sunset, Scandinavia, Santa Clause, Scramble with Friends, the list goes on and on.

Anyways, when I do menswear it's really more like "little 5-year-old boyswear," as exemplifies by this outfit. Firstly, the overalls, no matter how soft the faux suede is, automatically takes 10 years off my age, making me 9 years old. I actually bought the burgundy+gray striped top because it reminded me of what toddlers wear, but why that would make me run towards the register is something I continue to question myself even to this day. So that downgrades me to the 3-4 year old age group, so let's round that to 3.5 years old. With the addition of the thrifted GAP denim jacket, a classic staple no matter your age group, it adds about a good 1.5 years making me at an estimated age of 5. Thank god for my boots, my bracelets and my obsessive addiction to leopard, my only saving girly graces in this outfit. Although I wouldn't mind being 5 years old again...and a boy.
February 22, 2012


{white blouse via Taiwan, body con tank via Taiwan,
Steve Madden boots (not pictured), Hello Kitty frames via Taiwan}
On one of the most gorgeous, cloudless and breezy days I have encountered in 2012 and I decide to take photos indoors.
I also need to learn some new poses because I am just now realizing that, back-to-back, these are way too similar.

Anyone as ready for Friday to come as me?
February 18, 2012


{thrifted denim vest, thrifted corduroy button down, cheetah printed dress via Taiwan, 
neon satchel via Target, military green jacket via f21, Dolce Vita Jamison booties, necklace via f21}

After a long week, a nice so-co meal was exactly what I needed on a sunny Friday afternoon and there's no place else but Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen that would satisfy such a need. Armed with my partner-in-crime, Danielle, we were ready to eat our hearts out. 1.5 hours later, after some heart felt girl talk and the most delicious, mouth-watering, hits-all-the-right-spots meal that we were so desperate in the market for, we came out pleased and happy. Definitely check out Angeline's if you're in the mood for some serious comfy food that'll have you feeling like you're all wrapped up in a giant snuggie with some fuzzy bunny slippers to boot!

The sun came out to play! But even so, Berkeley is Berkeley, and after many outfit mishaps, I've learned to always layer up for the sun never wants to play for too long. Taking the opportunity to go barelegged, I decided to dress warmly up top in hopes that the generated heat will disperse to the rest of my body. It worked decently. As you can see, my favorite denim vest is never out of reach, it really is my favorite thing to pair with anything and everything. I loved the dark denim against the plum corduroy and olive green with just the right amount of obnoxious fluorescent neon. This is one bag you'll be seeing tons more of! It is roomy enough to pack everything I'll need within 12 hours, just crazy enough to match everything, and I love how people can't help but stare at it in disbelief/horror/need/love/etc. when I'm walking down the street. My kind of win.
February 16, 2012


2 days late, but better late than never right? Just wanted to say a quick HEY and I LOVE YOU. Hope Valentines Day was filled with chocolates, sappy music, and lots of X's and O's ! Wish I could give each and every one of you a big ol' hug and a high five (that's just how I roll). Mine was spent with my girlies, bitching about love, life, our lack of love lives and everything in between over a nice dinner of sushi and tempura ice cream. You know how us single gals get on such a mushy gushy day (cue the bitter, cynical and forever alone comments). How was your day of love? Let me live vicariously through your love life, please!


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February 12, 2012


{leopard cardigan from Korea, thrifted dark denim vest, thrifted denim cutoffs, 
leather bag from korea, tights, Urban Outfitter's lace ups, wishbone necklace from Taiwan}

Hugs and kisses for all, I've missed you all! Getting back into college life has been a struggle; a struggle to get out of bed, to get into bed on time, to get to class on time, to not look like a hot mess, etc. I've been a little busy busy working bee, buzzing about throughout campus, staying late and coming home even later, but that's just how life goes right? Just learning how to go with the flow and taking baby steps, it's been a challenge, a BIG one. With midterms up and about in oh...3 days, I am scattered if anything. But, as always, friend time > study time and thus I am stuck, inside, on a Sunday, trying to catch up on a ton of reading. My b.

DENIM AND LEOPARD! My two favorites! Always afraid to combine the best of both worlds, I was pleasantly surprised at the lovechild; with the contrasting dark and light denim, the coziness of the sweater, and the nonchalantness of the whole shabang, it is definitely something I could get used to. Sadly, my leather bag snapped just after two wears, on my way to class. Besides the embarrassment of having half of the amount of necessary straps, I had to cradle the guts of my bag as if it was my newborn. I guess it's true that they say, "quality over quantity," but I've already found my replacement and I can't wait to show you guys soon, very soon! 

Until then, since I finally jumped onto the iPhone bandwagon (and loving it more and more each day), catch up with my on INSTAGRAM and let the fun photogenic times begin!

ALSO! Since Fashion Week is raging on in New York, be sure to check out my fast, quick, straight-to-the-point recap of some MBFW shows over at the DNA (designers+atists) blog!
February 1, 2012


So being the huge internet junkie that I am, I was psyched when Sneakpeeq approached me because, come on, my life on the internet revolves heavily around shopping and all things pretty. The concept makes me giddy with joy; an awesome social media shopping company that promises "all things you love but haven't discovered," what's not to love? I'm sold. The variety alone is ridonk, from home decor to clothing to yummy eats; there really is something for anyone and everyone. I can seriously see myself getting disgustingly attached to this and I'm so excited for our relationship to blossom into something mushy and very gushy. Trust me on this one, Sneakpeeq will change the way you shop forever.

So to get the lovin' flowing, Sneakpeeq and I are hosting a giveaway, the first giveaway of 2012! This isn't just any giveaway, this is a giveaway where everyone wins (well, sort of). Everyone and anyone who signs up will get 20% off their next purchase and just in time for Valentines Day! The winner will get a $25 Sneekpeeq gift card to use on anything their little heart desires, interested? OF COURSE YOU ARE!

How to enter:
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1. All you have to do is click HERE & register (new membs only!)
2. Follow me on GFC or Bloglovin'
3. Leave a comment with your contact information
That's it!

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Giveaway ends two weeks from today on February 14th at 11:59 pm! 
Good luck lovers <3

EDIT: Congrats to TORI for winning the $25 gift card!