January 1, 2012

LATER 2011 AND HELLO 2012!

{photo credit: Joshua Chzen}

With 2011 hours in the past, it's time to stop planning and start doing! Say adios to reminiscing and dwelling on how amazing 2011 was and get started on figuring out how to make 2012 just as great, nay, better! New Year's resolutions, anyone? I'm terrible at keeping my resolutions, but this year, with the world possibly ending and all, I am going to try, try, and try my hardest to follow through with:

1. Making 2012 a coffee-addiction free year.
2. Blogging more regularly.
3. Taking more risks.
4. And following through with them.
5. Being more open to ideas, suggestions, criticism, advice, people, etc.

Mind set and fingers crossed! Keep those eyes filled with stars and heads filled with dreams.

What are your resolutions for 2012?

P.S. My apologies for the sporadic blogging and nonexistence existence on the internet, I'm halfway through my trip abroad and, as Jennifer Warnes might say, I've had the time of my life. 13 more days until I'm back in California and back to regular blogging, tweeting, commenting, and pun-making. Don't fret lovers, I'll be back in full force very very soon!


Laureen said...

It's alway hard to blog on holiday's trip ;)
Hope your having fun ! Happy New Year !

K A T H L E E N said...

happy new yr! great resolutions, its going to be a great year!

Wall of Fashion said...

Great resolutions! Good luck with them! I don't really have resolutions, except for that I'm going to try to have more fun in 2012!

xx Marije

maggie said...

Good luck with your resolutions! Hand have an amazing 2012. Sounds like your adventure abroad is a blast :)

xx maggie

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you are having such a wonderful time in Seoul! It makes the hesitation over doing something so out of the blue, so much more worth it, right? Good luck with your resolutions for 2012; I know that I want to keep my grades up and experiment in the clothes I wear, but I'm not sure if those are necessarily resolutions. Have a great rest of the time in Seoul and happy new year!

Bree said...

That are some good resolutions.
I'm not really good in keeping them either! So, I don't have one. How's your trip?


That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!

I'm cutting out french fries, ice-cream, and soda...and blogging more, too! Happy New Year!

StyleIDnet said...

This is my resolution-free year .... not that I don't have Goals but prefer not to make them a new year resolution as they are a continuation of 2011 and I won't close them (or open 'new ones') until they are all achieve.
happy 2012


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Seoul, girl! I hope you're enjoying your time there!

And PLEASE. You're in Berkeley. You'll probably go on a coffee binge every time midterms/finals come up ;)

My only new years resolution is to be more forgiving, appreciative, and empathetic :)

- Sharon

Anonymous said...

oh i really miss korea! i hope you're having a great time! i know this year i really have to get amazing grades to pass school :S but im hoping to explore photography more and as you said take more risks in general

Nnenna said...

How perfect is that picture?! I'm enjoying seeing your tweets about your trip on twitter and am glad you're having a wonderful time! Happy New Year lady!

star-crossed smile

Jade Purple Brown said...

blogging more regularly is def one of my resolutions!


Simone said...

It's very nice photo :)


Olivia said...

mine is just to be more confident in my own ability! :) x

Yara Simón said...

All great resolutions. I never make resolutions anymore, but I decided that this year was my year.

Brittney said...

I think my resolutions are pretty similar. ;) I hope your 2012 is fantastic!

cryskay said...

hope your trip is/was fabulous! cant wait to see photos. xx

Shadhna said...

really cool blog! Like to read it.

xx Marina

Sue Lyn said...

Aw what cute star bokehs! <3

Unknown said...

can't wait to see pics from your trip... your first photo is simply beautiful!

- aimee

SwellMayde DIY's

Kia Gomez said...

Hey !
Good luck with your goals !
I would never be able to have a coffee-addiction free year :)


Stylenosis...hypnotised by style said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my embellished collars. Im loving you blog !! the pics are fabulous and im absolutely loving your cute quirky style :) im following you now . Josie x

lucia m said...