January 23, 2012


{ACNE sweater, thrifted leopard button up, H&M black overalls, Romwe striped tights, 
no brand sunnies, vintage Coach satchel, ASOS Havoc heels}

Old MacDonald had a farm, E I E I O! My little brother said I looked like an Arkansanian farmer in this get up, thus the nonsense title. I've been on the hunt for the perfect denim overalls for so long, and while these aren't it, I loved the soft suede-like feel and color too much to put them back on the racks. One of my finds from the last Crossroads event, this Acne cut-off sweatshirt is such a comfy basic that my body practically begged me to add it to the family. I went through a little shoe crazy in the month of December but these ASOS Havoc heels were such a chance purchase since, as soon as I added it to my cart, the page went OUT OF STOCK. Fate, that's what I'd call it. On sale and ridiculously comfy (clubbing-tested), I am so in love with the delicate embroidery on the heels and the thick leather straps that keep me steady while keeping the heels casual. If this outfit looks farmer-ish than slap a pig by my side and call me a farmer! E I E I O!


Laura said...

LOL your ending kills me x) I think you look quite spiffy :) only you and your effortless ways of combining pieces together can pull this off <3

Bree said...

Haha, think your outfit is fun:)


maggie said...

Such a fun outfit! I have a pair of yellow overalls from TW, but I haven't gotten to wearing them since A) they're yellow and B) waaay too cold rn.

xx maggie


cute overall.. you look so sweet in this outfit <3


Dolce said...

If you became a farmer for whatever reason, you would be the cutest + most fashionable farmer everrr!

I simply adore your vintage Coach purse, I personally don't like Coach that much, but that bag is gorgeous! Love your tights as well <3!

Jo Bao ♥

Anonymous said...

Pfttt! I don't think that you do, but if we're going with this Arkansanian farmer thing, you are the most stylish farmer, I've ever seen, haha. I love the carved details in the heels (club-comfortable is great!) and how the striped tights look. Hope you had a good Monday! xx

Flo said...

love your tights soo much


The PvdH Journal said...

Hahaha I definitely think that overalls are way beyond their days in the farm! ;) great combo with the tights!

Daria said...

Aww, this is so cute!! I love absolutely every detail of this outfit. And THOSE heels <3

Daria, the Fashionsurfer

Histrionicme said...

I like your tights and the bag.
Gorgeous outfit. :)


jenni said...

This is just too cute to be true! The tights give great touch to the combo with the cutest overalls!

Lisa Marie said...

Gah! I love your overalls - not just anyone can pull this off. Super cute!!


Lisa marie

Katrine - make it and fake it said...

Hi Anisa!!

I love your look!! cant wait for norway to be warmer so i can rock the stockings shorts combo again!!! love the shoes!!

love K

james said...

oh little brothers... so cute :) you look like an adorable arkansanian farmer, how bout that! hope youre well darling face! and your shoes? hella cute! happy weekend sweetie

xx jamie

Laureen said...

Lovely outfit ! I like the tights with your heels.

Joyce said...

lol 'arkansanian farmer' HAHAHAH! :P the heels look really comfortable! glad to hear you were able to get them on asos.. i always get paranoid that items will get 'out of stock' if i don't purchase them fast enough lol :D. I like this outfit. looks great on you~ nothing better than a comfy chunky heel, i say!

BTW, you've been tagged! Read my new post on my site>> I hope you get a chance to participate in the tag. Would be fun =D


joy said...

Your outfit is so cute, love how you wore it with stripe tights :)

yiqin; said...

the details on the heels are SO pretty. You rocked the tights too

Unknown said...

I love this outfit.

Kristin said...

omg the overalls look so cute on you ! ! <3