January 30, 2012


{thrifted floral romper, borrowed thrifted cardigan, f21 thigh highs, 
thrifted loafers, gifted yellow fold over clutch, Levis waist belt}

Lazy winter days that have absolutely no agenda except to get a cup of Starbucks and relax completes me, utterly. It unwinds and recharges me for the upcoming semester that inevitably turns me into a crazy psychotic ball of stress. I live for days like this.

What else could I wear on a sunny winter day but the floral romper that Sherrie found and forced me to try on and I subsequently fell in love with? Along with the bright floral print that reminds me of Hawaii, walks on the sandy beach and drinks that come in a coconut, I tossed my keys and phone into my favorite yellow clutch that is perfect for those no-rummage days. I love how the romper just POPS with the head to toe black. And now I've got a bad case of the Hawaiian blues...
January 23, 2012


{ACNE sweater, thrifted leopard button up, H&M black overalls, Romwe striped tights, 
no brand sunnies, vintage Coach satchel, ASOS Havoc heels}

Old MacDonald had a farm, E I E I O! My little brother said I looked like an Arkansanian farmer in this get up, thus the nonsense title. I've been on the hunt for the perfect denim overalls for so long, and while these aren't it, I loved the soft suede-like feel and color too much to put them back on the racks. One of my finds from the last Crossroads event, this Acne cut-off sweatshirt is such a comfy basic that my body practically begged me to add it to the family. I went through a little shoe crazy in the month of December but these ASOS Havoc heels were such a chance purchase since, as soon as I added it to my cart, the page went OUT OF STOCK. Fate, that's what I'd call it. On sale and ridiculously comfy (clubbing-tested), I am so in love with the delicate embroidery on the heels and the thick leather straps that keep me steady while keeping the heels casual. If this outfit looks farmer-ish than slap a pig by my side and call me a farmer! E I E I O!
January 20, 2012


{H&M neon pink sweater, Zara polka-dotted dress, Sam Edelman toe-capped heels, gifted yellow clutch}

With jet lag and spring semester raging on, it's been a tough week but I finally managed to squeeze in some time to get my first outfit post of 2012 up. This was my Christmas eve outfit that I wore to run some last minute errands and have dinner with my booger of a brother. Being as it was my last day in the states, I just had to wear my new Sam Edelman heels. I am so in love with their take on the classic mary jane; the addition of the metal toe-cap makes it just badass enough to sweeten up the sugary sweet ensemble I have going on up top with my polka-dotted Zara dress, neon pink H&M sweater, and bright yellow fold-over clutch. Bare-legged in December? California, you spoil me!
January 17, 2012


There's a mailbox at the top of Seoul Tower for people to send letters to their loved ones.Some things never change ;)

Never visit a palace during the winter unless you enjoy frozen body parts.
The fish market where you can buy live seafood and the restaurants will prepare it for you next door.
A corn dog wrapped in a sea of french fries. The epitome of convenience...and deliciousness.
Fried mudfish. Don't know what that is? DON'T google it.
Sticker photos are a must in Asia.
Poop-shaped red bean snacks.
A handy keyboard made with Photoshop shortcuts to help those who are a bit more forgetful (like me!)
Live octopus. It squirms and suctions about in your mouth.
A very very cold best friend.
A Korean dessert made out of 240,000 strands of honey and stuffed with walnuts and chocolate. Love.
Ice cream with coffee; simplicity at its best.
The equivalence of a knuckle sandwich, this dish is called "fist rice."
The wall of love locks under Seoul Tower. Couples in Korea love making their mark on everything.

I have always been a wordy speaker, writer, thinker, and there is so much that I want to say yet finding the right words seem dauntingly impossible, so I'll let the photos (and captions) speak for themselves. Seoul was the most liberating, exhilarating, foreign, and wonderful vacation of my life thus far and I can't wait to have many many more just like it. Very open to trying everything at least once, I did and ate things I never thought I ever would but am so glad I did it. If a photo speaks a thousand words, than 16,000 words seems to sum up my 8.5 days in the Soul of Asia in a nice, concise, neatly-packaged post. Enjoy, I sure as hell did!

January 1, 2012

LATER 2011 AND HELLO 2012!

{photo credit: Joshua Chzen}

With 2011 hours in the past, it's time to stop planning and start doing! Say adios to reminiscing and dwelling on how amazing 2011 was and get started on figuring out how to make 2012 just as great, nay, better! New Year's resolutions, anyone? I'm terrible at keeping my resolutions, but this year, with the world possibly ending and all, I am going to try, try, and try my hardest to follow through with:

1. Making 2012 a coffee-addiction free year.
2. Blogging more regularly.
3. Taking more risks.
4. And following through with them.
5. Being more open to ideas, suggestions, criticism, advice, people, etc.

Mind set and fingers crossed! Keep those eyes filled with stars and heads filled with dreams.

What are your resolutions for 2012?

P.S. My apologies for the sporadic blogging and nonexistence existence on the internet, I'm halfway through my trip abroad and, as Jennifer Warnes might say, I've had the time of my life. 13 more days until I'm back in California and back to regular blogging, tweeting, commenting, and pun-making. Don't fret lovers, I'll be back in full force very very soon!