October 14, 2011


vintage peach blazer via Joellenlove, denim vest, snake printed shorts, 
f21 thigh highs, Steve Madden flannel boots, Encore necklace c/o Jewelmint

Let me tell you a little story involving a girl (aka me) and a lost cellphone. So one day, girl leaves phone on the bus, OOPS! Girl freaks out having lost her prized possession, her connection to the world, her savior during boring lectures and has no idea what to do! Girl waits rather impatiently for the lost and found to open...only to find out it doesn't gather the inventory until fourty-eight hours later. Pissy and angry, girl waits and comes Tuesday, girl ventures off to find the love of her life. Unfortunately Google maps has other plans in mind and takes poor girl to San Francisco when she needed to be in Oakland, why? GIRL HAS NO IDEA WHY. Freaked out, lost and phoneless, girl does not know what to do. Frantically racing against time and trying to reach the office before it closes, girl wants to break down and cry on the overly crowded bus but cannot do so for the Asian granny is giving her the stink eye and the old man next to her is giving her the other kind of eye (!!!). Girl runs from bus to BART to running down 4 blocks and then 6 the other way because she is way directionally challenged. After four solid hours of tracking down this stinky ol' phone, girl is finally reunited with her Blackberry. And they lived happily ever after.

This is what I wore for that lonely scavenger adventure which happened to fall upon a gorgeous fall day which made me a little bit chirpier. With the sun making another happy appearance, dressing for San Francisco has never been harder. Desperate to wear my new JewelMint Encore necklace that looks like the love child of the cute DIY kitschy friendship bracelet and the badass tassle who just won't quit. What a lovely hassle-free tassel-tastic piece it is! JewelMint, part of the Mint Family that also includes StyleMint and soon ShoeMint and BeautyMint, is a personalized jewelry shopping service that caters to your every fashion need that utilizes stylish celebrities, like Kate Bosworth, and their stylin' stylists, like Cher Coulter, who are SOO well dressed, I doubt ANYONE can find fault in their taste. With each gorgeously crafted piece influenced deeply by anything from runway trends to flea market inspirations, there is truly something for everyone! I love the fact that one of the tassle looks like it was made from the leftover thread from my peachy blazer. It was just too perfect of a match to pass up and I've never been one to break up a happy coupling, nope not I. I love the togetherness yet differentiated feel of the slithering shorts with the tough leather boots that perfectly contrasted with the bright blazer and necklaces. Since I have absolutely no balance whatsoever, as proven by my utter failures at certain yoga positions, I try to balance out my outfits in one way or another. Never too girly, never too ordinary, never too crazy, never too boyish, that's always the goal. Whether I actually accomplish that is another story for another day.

P.S. Notice the music has left the title? No longer able to keep up with the lyrical searches, I am full-on ready to break out my puns! I promise you'll giggle or scoff at the very least.


yiqin; said...

amazing outfit :) i love the boots!!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

you are so rad in combining your stuffs and pulling out a great outfit.


maggie said...

I love the pun! Keep em coming :D
And your outfit is amazing, must look your best before going on such a tiring journey!

xx maggie

Unknown said...

Love your peach blazer


Wall of Fashion said...

Awesome outfit!

xx Marije

Raquel C. said...

Nice Post! =)


Analisa said...

Your boots are so, SO gorgeous! I've stayed away from Steve Madden and combat boots ever since I found out this guy in my Apparel Analysis class that I'm not a huge fan of works there (and he owns a collection of combat boots). But these changed my mind... I'm going to steal yours! :)

Unknown said...

Guh! I love those boots and snakeskin shorts!? Love!

Anonymous said...

Your phone story sucks. I've heard it already via BBM, but I'm glad it ended well. You got really lucky

I love your vintage blazer - super cute color. And your boots are KILLER - i love them. Btw, I'm seeing you today (HOPEFULLY, you lag so hard). I'm probably going to try on those shoes.... I am going to literally squeeze my size 8 feet in your size 7 shoes.

xo Sherrie
Closet Hound

CINDY NGO said...

ADORE your blazer... it's too cute for words, anisa!

& seriously, how lucky are you to have found your phone!?

btw, great pick from jewelmint!!

ps. if you're interested, come join a giveaway on my blog for an amazing dress (retail at $160!) from KAHLO! :)

cindy - design3rd

the ineffable soul said...

love your blazer and at least you actually got your phone back in the end...it could have been worse! x

Brittney said...

Awesome boots and denim! I love how you mix colours and textures. ;)

Kia Gomez said...

Hey !
I always like your outfits. You mix match fabrics brilliantly :)


Kristin said...

I love your tassel necklace <3

Anonymous said...

Boots- definitely good for hunting down phones around towns! I love the mix of colours and textures (:

Christina said...

Hiii Anisa! I love your boots! :] New follower of your lovely blog!

-Christina a rainy melody

NRC♥ said...

Loving the print, socks and your boots hun

Melina-Lajolie said...

like your outfit - very cute !!
lovely blog :)
would you like to follow each other?
melina from melina-lajolie.blogspot.com

Bree said...

You should become a fairywriter:)
Your peach blazer is cute.


alessandra nitti said...

so stylish! love this!


La Gauloise said...

perfect boots !
love your tigh high :)


Frames said...

Love your outfit! It's brilliant!

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Olive Tee said...

I looove your pink blazer!!

pancakeSTACKER said...

you are always so adorbs! i love the peachy blazer!! such a refreshing pop of color!


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Jenny Ong said...

I'm so jealous you can dress in layers, so fun! x

Mariella said...

I want your shorts please? :) contact me when youre done with them... *BIG GRIN* :D :D xxx

Unknown said...

I'm fan of over the knee socks looks ! very cute and chic here :) ♥