October 26, 2011


Topshop bonjour bodysuit, American Apparel corduroy skirt, leather bracelet via Taiwan, 
Steve Madden flannel boots, thrifted vintage Coach satchel

Bonjour, or rather au revoir, to California because I will be crossing the oceans and spending my winter break in Korea and Taiwan. Stoked? Beyond. I get goosebumps/butterflies/excited just thinking about what I am about to experience in two months time. I've been contemplating this trip for some time now, never really thinking about it as anything more than a silly daydream, who knew it would become such a sudden reality. Booking the tickets made me feel uneasy, a little unsettle, and undeniably excited to take on such a culture shock, to push my boundaries, to embrace something completely and utterly new. 8 1/2 days in Korea with my best friend and then 8 1/2 days in Taiwan with family and friends, ohh I can hardly wait! 60 days and counting...

It was bound to happen, after spending my whole summer working with babies, I had to experience a onsie for myself and I could not pass up such a cute one from Topshop. Bonjour? Oui oui! No one can resist saying hello now...literally. Not that I mind, especially if you're a 6 foot tall, brunette with piercing blue eyes and an adorable accent, feel free to holla atchooo girl. I went for a ballerina-esque look with a casual feel by replaced the traditional tutu with a corduroy skirt that has an a-line shape so it gives off the same illusion. To tone it down a little, and to stay comfy all day, I pulled on my Steve Madden flannel boots and laced it all the way up for a little Doc Marten action. To tie it all together, I carried my vintage Coach Satchel that I thrifted for $15; my pride and joy. I feel like a shaggadelic dog in desperate need of a trim, my bangs have never been longer but I am totally loving the ability to throw my hair up in a buntastic way, you like? It's been a while since my hair has been past my chin, I am way looking forward to playing around with my hair once it grows out! A simple look for a simple Sunday spent strolling around 4th Street.

My puns are getting out of control aren't they? I thought so.


joy said...
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joy said...

I love your outfit, nice boots! Ahhh your so lucky, I want to go to Taiwan and Korea :)

aki! said...

I love the flirty outfit with the tough girl combat boots.


maggie said...

Great combo of girly with edge, and I am in love with the corduroy skirt you're wearing! As I already said, I'm super jealous of your upcoming trip! Make sure to shop a lot and eat a lot. (Esp oyster pancakes from TW, they are TO DIE FOR, especially if they're from a night market)

xx maggie

tiffyama said...

How exciting!!! Your trip sounds amazing...I'm sure you'll have a great time. :D

Love your shoes!

Laura said...

Dude totally understand with the bangs growing out thing! Finally can put it in a high bun too :) and diggin' the body suit its precious! Wish I could go with you to Korea/Taiwan but I'll be stuck at home all alone :( Missss youuuu <3

Melina-Lajolie said...

thx for your lovely comment, dear !!
would you like to follow each other ?
your outfit looks super cute :)
now i'm following you !!
kisses, melina

amalie said...

so cute! i love your skirt and boots!

Raquel C. said...

Thanks for the comment!*
Cute !!! Nice outfit=)*


Wall of Fashion said...

Thank you! You look great, love that look and it looks so good on you!

xx Marije

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

adorable outfit! i love your top, it's so cute. great blog, definitely following. xx


Vivid Virginia said...

Great post. The outfit is fit well to you. You look amazing :)

White Honeyr

Megan said...

You're adorable. That outfit is tres chic!

Johanna L. said...

I love your skirt, totally girly! And that colour is amazing too! :) xoxo

Kristin said...

gorgeous! i need a camel colored skirt ! <3

Diana Chow said...

Love the vintage Coach! :)


Anonymous said...

"buntastic" seriously? You slay me, girl. And I love your coach satchel - it's so flippin' cute. Cutest outfit ever to go with that bag, too ;) Btw, flea market - get back to me and Chanda soon about that pleasseee

xo Sherrie
Closet Hound

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this look, it's so comfortable yet chic, I love it!
And I hope you have a great time on your trip to Korea and Taiwan!


fransmiles said...

Your outfit is so cute, I love the skirt, the whole combination has a really summer-traveller feel to it if that makes sense! Haha I get what you mean about bangs, I hate having a long fringe though, I can't handle it falling in my eyes all the time!!


Olive Tee said...

haha love ya puns! such a cute outfit!

Wida said...

I've been to Taiwan and South Korea and I have to say that I really loved South Korea!! You're so lucky, girl! Live it up!

I seriously want your bodysuit!

Missing Amsie Blog

Bree said...

Adorable outfit!:)


Kia Gomez said...

Bonjour !
I love your outfit, as always :)


Unknown said...

Gorgeous :) Love the look

Nnenna said...

omg, how exciting that you will be traveling to Korea and Taiwan! I'm sure you will have an awesome time! Also, love your outfit, especially your purse- what an awesome thrift find! :)

star-crossed smile

Marella said...

You look sooooo cute!
And I really like your blog!
Following! Follow back? <3

Sick by Trend said...

Fantastic outfit honey! LOve the combination of Bonjour t-shirt with that skirt :)



Rachella - flourishingfit.com said...

so lovely x

Unknown said...

I love totally your look ! So cute and cool :) ♥