September 27, 2011


{Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight-Amos Lee}
borrowed BDG sweater, studded waist belt, f21 blush tutu, $1 trouser socks, f21 black booties, green bag via Taiwan

"Some people are settling down, some people are settling, and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies." - Carrie Bradshaw

I honestly could not agree more with this quote from the gal with my favorite closet. I am refusing to settle for anything less than butterflies in regards to every aspect of life. I love that swooning, crazy flutters, can't stop the beat, never wiping that grin off my face, "You Make My Dreams Come True" feeling. The one that envelopes you entirely when everything falls into its rightful place, where nothing can top each day, when you finally stop living for the future and just live in the present, and you're completely content with that. I think I'm finally on my way to obtaining this oasis, if there even is a destination.
September 23, 2011


{Loco-motion by Kylie Minogue}
borrowed H&M dress, Dolce Vita Jamison booties, Clockwise necklace, borrowed Urban Outfitters taupe bag

This past week has been the busiest I have ever been and if you follow me on Twitter than you know what I mean. I've barely had a second to breathe much less blog, sadly. But I'm back and better than ever! Last night I made my way to the city to check out Alexa Chung's new line with Madewell. Okay, I basically went to check out Alexa Chung herself. I wasn't disappointed with either.

Alexa Chung, with her original 5'8" height was towering over me in her amazing, and already sold out everywhere, calf hair cheetah Zowie boots. I literally drooled a little. Never have I seen a lady this pretty in real life, she looks even better than she does in photographs, I swear! Her presence is dangerously silly as we grooved, jived and danced to Loco-Motion. Always a dainty smile on her face, Alexa is truly someone who just oozes cool (her British accent doesn't hurt, not one bit!) I think I fell even more in love with her if that's possible.

What I loved most about her collaboration with Madewell is the fact that each and every piece looks like something out of her own closet. This is the perfect way to recreate her vintage chill; with her silk button ups, rugged coats, soft mohair knits, and even silk palm tree pajamas, Alexa makes it easy to mix and match feminine and masculine pieces in order to create a chic tomboyish vibe, like the one she is so famously known for. While she doesn't believe that she is a style icon, I sure think so! Who else could pull off rocking what she does on the daily? 

Another reason I feel like Alexa and I are soul sisters (as if I needed more!) is that we used the same font, her for the collection and me for my blog. Coincidence? I think not!

Like always, I am running from one thing to another, this time from an interview to the event, thus my outfit is quite tame. Trying to avoid swimming in my own sweat and trying to look somewhat professional, this H&M shirtdress is what I settled on. I mean, better than cutoffs right? I am absolutely smitten with the word smitten at the moment and my Dolce Vita Jamison ankle boots. While they were a bit of a splurge for me, I regret it not one bit. With their resemblance to the coveted Isabel Marant Dicker boots, I have finally quenched my thirst.

P.S. I recently rubbed elbows with, ah!, Seth Rogen and Will Reiser to talk about their new movie 50/50. Incredibly lucky I am as I was able to sit among other journalists and just chit chat with them after viewing an early screening of the film. It was lovely. I nearly died. Actually, I did. Check out the blog post I wrote for Caliber about it!

P.P.S. How are you lovelies liking the new photo edit? I've been playing around with Photoshop, do you like it better than the old photo edit or no? Feedback please!
September 15, 2011


{It's a Jungle Out There by Randy Newman}
Target lace sleeve top, swapped denim vest, H&M pink jeans, 
thrifted "old man" loafers, thrifted granny floral purse
{photo credit: the creepy one of the top of my head was taken by Joshua)

After linguistics lecture one day, I found this quote in one of the bathroom stalls of Barrow Hall:

"You have to stop waiting for the next thing to magically 'make you happy' 
and just make your own happiness. We are surrounded by beauty. Wake up!"

I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment but it definitely is much easier said than done. Between my classes, work schedule, internship and activities, it's extremely easy to simply lose myself amongst my constant complaining. I can't help it, I have always been and will always be a grade-A complainer. Because of this, no one, not even I, will ever realize how happy I am. I am truly the happiest when I'm busiest, rushing from place to place, constantly on-the-go, which in return, is when I complain the most. Confused? Yeah, So am I. I'm a complicated mess of nonsensical gibberish. Especially after reading Chanda's Wisdom Wednesday post about having your cake and eating it too, I realize how I'm never fully happy with what I have in the moment, I'm always looking ahead at the future. Only when I look back do I really see what I had. I realize that, 20 years from now, I'll cringe at the very thought. It has definitely been a year of change and growing up, let's hope this productive activeness and feeling will stay with me, if only for a little longer.

This was my little slice of heaven. Last Saturday I spent a whole day, 12 full hours, with one of my favorite people ever, Joshua! I've known him for what seems like forever and he is seriously one of the only people who will tell me how it is, no sugar coating, just the plain simple truth. Since he's leaving the Bay for UCSD in a matter of days, we spent the day at the SF Zoo, galavanting from animal to animal, making weird, loud noises, staring at cute kids, getting lost, not seeing elephants (my favorite animals!) and just being our awkward selves. It's always nice to act like silly little kids again, especially with the high stress lifestyle we've become so accustomed to, it reminds us that life isn't always a big pile of smelly shit. Afterwards, we dined...okay, feasted at a little Chinese restaurant somewhere on Mission, which was good but not 4 1/2 star good like Yelp claimed. Chinese food is Chinese food though and it always makes me miss home. After the self-induced food coma, we decided to head back to Berkeley and watch Contaigon. With two hours to kill before the movie, we made our way over to Berkeley Marina. Beautiful it was. Windy as hell it also was. It really is going to suck not having one of my closest friend close by but, whenever we get the chance to hang out, it's as if nothing has changed and no time has even gone by. These are the friendships I cherish.

After seeing pink jeans in the Urban Outfitters fall catalogue and on the legs of Alexa Chung, I just HAD to find my own. After searching high and low, I finally found an affordable and comfortable pair at H&M, and it's integrating itself into my wardrobe quite well. To tone down the cuteness of the pink and lace, I paired it with my tassel loafers and denim vest. I fell in love with the grannyesque floral print of the purse but was hesitating against it, knowing that I have a dozen other purses at home. But, thinking ahead, I knew that if I didn't get it, 80 year old me would be purseless and sad. It's an investment, both fashion-wise and for my future happiness.
September 12, 2011


{ Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John}
thrifted grey oversized sweater, thrifted red suede skirt, black tights, thrifted box bag, 
thrifted oriental necklace, American Apparel mesh bodysuit, Dolce Vita harness booties
{photo links back to photographer aka Kathleen}

While some lucky few are in NYC amidst the Mercedes-Benz NYFW's beautiful madness, most of us are not so fortunate and stuck at home, fashion starved. But fear not, that's where Fashion's Night Out comes into play! While it may not feed our never-ending appetite for fashion week, it does spoon feed us a little appetizer that leaves us feeling slightly satisfied and far less bitter.

The lovely Kathleen was asked to participate in Sak's FNO event and, of course, us Berkeley bloggers had to support one of our own. With everyone's crazy class and work schedule, life made us unfortunately and inevitable more than fashionably late as we arrived six minutes before the event ended! Nevertheless, Sak's Blogger Lounge was buzzing with a ton of people; from bloggers to cuties to parents, it was definitely an event for all! So happy I finally got the chance to meet fellow Berkeley bloggers, Mallory and Whitney from WhitWatWear. Those two are sillier than a couple of the silliest geese! 

The main focus of the event was for local bloggers to style a mannequin based on fall trends that they were most excited about, and in the spirit of competition, the guests would be able to vote for their favorite look. The winner of the whole shinding was Anh from 9to5Chic, with her display that was effortlessly classy and gave off a very vintage 40's "I just stepped out of Casablanca" feel. Kathleen definitely put up a good fight, with her mixture of vampy deep jewel toned sweaters with neutral pieces, it was a very inspirafashion-type of outfit, though we expect nothing less of her.

Again, I was rushing from work and did not have more than 20 minutes to choose an outfit and get dressed thus I went straight for the basics; my trusty Dolce Vita booties and tights. Knowing SF's terrible weather at night, I knew it was necessary to be clothed from head to toe, and so the slouchy sweater and suede skirt just kind of found themselves upon my body. I never realized how much I thrifted until this outfit because everything, minus the DV booties, was thrifted. Only about $13 was spent on the whole outfit. Aw. Yeah. #Winning. Yes I did just hash tag in my blog post, and yes, I know this isn't Twitter.

P.S. Thank you lovelies for ALLL of your support! I cannot believe that my last outfit made it into Chictopia's Style Gallery! It truly, from the bottom of my heart, made my day...actually, it made my week! Thank you all so so soooo so much, you guys are the bestest!
September 7, 2011


{the sound of settling - death cab for cutie}
thrifted scarf, billowy top via mother, borrowed H&M black tank dress, gem necklace & white belt via Taiwan,
$1 black trouser socks, BDG brown lace ups, Ecote burnt orange canvas backpack

Even though NYFW is well on its way and I can only salivate at the orgasmic fall fashion that is about to strut down the runway, here in Berkeley, the sun has finally decided to stay. Great. What to wear on a sunny day when I'd like nothing more than to throw on some plaid and a big comfy sweater? Apparently, this. Being chronically tired and half asleep, even though we've only been in class for a week and a half, I'm already running through the motions of my morning routine: slam on the alarm clocks (2 of them!), shower half asleep, make breakfast half asleep, chug coffee half asleep, then put clothes on half asleep. Notice a trend?

On this day, I decided to give the routine a big, fat, middle finger and it screwed me up, down, inside and out. Between running to class and working a five hour shift immediately after, I just wanted something easy, simple and breezy. Heels were the first thing to go as I settled into my trusty brown BDG lace ups that are comfy, practical and versatile. I'm not going to lie, I skipped the shower and went straight to a vintage scarf to tie up that big ol' ball of grease. With that said, the scarf a la Nicole Richie reminded me of a traveling gypsy and I was sold on pairing it with a flimsy, see-through dress to complete the illusion. After carrying a tote for the past few years, I finally broke down and bought a backpack from Urban Outfitters and, let me tell you, I'm never going back to totes, EVER. Backpacks are the best things ever, I can fit my whole life in them without feeling like I have scoliosis, winning! Don't mind the bandaid on my forehead, I'm just trying out the whole Nelly look, is it working for me? I didn't think so.
September 1, 2011


{Tea Party-Kerli}
Alice in Wonderland print dress via Taiwan, borrowed Brandy Melville fishtail skirt, 
Deena & Ozzy vampy wedges, Levi's belt, thrifted oversized leather clutch, DIY yarn bow {not pictured}

I've been trying to drag my apartment-mates to brunch with me, unsuccessfully, for weeks and, upon hearing about the Modcloth Mod Hatter Tea Party, I knew it was meant to be. What could be better than a Sunday afternoon of dressing up, mingling, finger fooding, and photo-taking? Absolutely nothing. I was so ready to partake in the par-TEA.

Modcloth can do no wrong, SERIOUSLY. This has got to be the cutest little event in the history of fashion events. The mini-cakes were so adorable with their teeny flowers and pretty pastel colors, I couldn't help but stuff my face with them (3 to be exact). I completely fell in love with the way they effortlessly, and cleverly, integrated their amazing fall collection into the decorations. Genius? I think so. The subliminal messaging worked perfectly as being in that room made me want nothing more than to shop, shop, shop, and, well, shop. With a wall dedicated to their new collaboration with Jeffrey Campbell, how is a girl not to swoon? I died, on the spot, and came back to life only to die once more.

Place me in a roomful of dolled up, well-dressed bloggers and amazing business women and what do I do? I eat 12 tea sandwiches, drink 2 cups of vanilla tea, eat 3 mini-cakes, 1 cookie, and hoover over the scrumptious fruit platter. In between bites, I had the great pleasure of meeting a few gorgeous SF bloggers like MicaelaAshley and Jennie. And of course, kicked it with the always lovely KathleenSherrieCindyChanda, and Deanna. The star of the show had to be Modcloth's little mascot, Winston. He literally stole the heart of everyone there. I still squeal just thinking about his cute little pug-ness. 

This was the absolute perfect opportunity to wear my Alice in Wonderland printed dress I found in a street market in Taiwan. HA, to all the haters (aka my little brother) who thought I'd never find the right occasion for something so "weird," I did. So IN YOUR FACE. Although I didn't photograph it, the back of this dress is anything but childish with it's barely there backless crisscross. Didn't realize it until after I took these photos, I have a huge and unforgiving tan line that is too embarrassed to grace the surface of the blogosphere, it looks like I'm wearing a nude colored strapless bra, literally. The Brandy Melville fishtail skirt was an attempt to recreate what the dress did on top, but reverse, by exposing the front and shielding the back. A little leg and back never hurt anyone now, did they?