July 28, 2011


{perfect by gold motel}
H&M camel hi-lo dress, thrifted black studded belt, h&m leather jacket, 
thrifted leopard bag, Nine West ankle buckle wedges

A while back, I attended the F3 Cotton Mill event with KathleenSherrie and Cindy. Not only is this event fashion related but it encompasses aspects of music and art in it as well, which makes it a very diverse and eclectic mix of, well, everything! It truly is something else. From the food trucks in the back lot to the pop up shops in the artists' studios to the catwalk that extended from one nook of the fourth floor to the other cranny across the floor, it was quite the experience. The best part is that you can experience it for yourself! This event takes place every 3rd Friday in January, April, July and October from 6-10 PM at the Oakland Cotton Mill.

My favorite part of the event was the fact that it all took place inside a studio complex; these artists wholeheartedly opened up the doors to their gorgeously decorated studios and welcomed strangers in, complete with yummy finger foods and a delicious fruity punch (with a rummy kick). The generosity was amazing. Being the little cynic that I am, I sometimes forget how kind and genuine people can be and this definitely restored some of that for me. It really is the small things that make all the difference.

It was a fun-filled night of mingling, getting photography advice from this silly little man, spilling punch smack dab in the middle of the runway (only I could do something like this), impromptu photoshoots outside, getting "are you guys bloggers or something" every 3 minutes or so, laughing WAY too much, taking photos with strange men with wine, getting lost, standing in the cold, drudging along in our heels after our feet gave up (ahem, Kathleen...), and more mischief that seem to be a packaged deal with these hilarious girls. But who's to complain, mischief is something I love, can never ever get enough of, and would never dare to get rid of.

Shout outs to my girlies for having my back when my Nikon didn't. I would be the one honking around my huge Nikon D5000 only to remember that I left my SD card at home...in Concord...somewhere in that mess of a hole I call a room. Oops! Thus all of these pictures were jacked from my lovely blogmates Kathleen, Sherrie and Cindy.
July 20, 2011


{dandelion by nicole richie}
black f21 top, vintage blue floral maxi skirt, Steve Madden flannel ankle boots, 
thrifted leather belt, vintage leather "seahorse" purse

Summer tends to keep me grounded and remind me to return back to the basics, to enjoy the simple things in life. Typically, I'm one to keep my head up, up, up among the clouds and the stars, where the kites soar and roam, as far away from reality as I can possibly imagine. Eventually, as Isaac Newton said, what goes up, must come down. To comply with that state of mind, I decided to dress a little more down-to-earth, with just a few basics from my mother's closet. Since I'm now based in Berkeley (GO BEARS! Sorry, it just had to be done!), I rarely remember to pack up clothes on my mini-weekend trips home, thus the mad scramble for anything wearable in my mother's closet. Thankfully, we're close to the same size, in both clothes and shoes, but style-wise, we couldn't be further apart. My mom is a lover of simple, necessary, easy-to-throw-on outfits while I opt for the road less taken, full of ruffles, sparkles, shimmer and glimmer. But I always appreciate both ends of the spectrum, as I do for most things. There are days where the necessities are all you need and this was definitely one of them.

P.S. I just wanted to give a hugs and kisses to all of my lovely commenters and new followers! You make my life! So let me just say a huge thank you! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! I'm honestly shocked by the enormous amount of support I've gotten in the past few days, it makes my head spin! (right round, baby, right round!) Every single one of you are so amazing! I can't wait to continue on this adventure with all of you!
July 17, 2011


{neon-john mayer}
thrifted neon button up, h&m suede/leather skirt, f21 black chandelier necklace, 
nine west ankle buckle black wedges, cornflower blue betsey johnson purse

This has been the busy bustling summer I've always wanted to have. With a fashion internship with Mélange Productions, a part-time job at the local childcare near campus, and summer courses, I've hardly had time to enjoy the serene beauty of doing nothing under the hazy dazy summer sun. But I'm definitely not complaining, I love the feeling of utter exhaustion at the end of the day, knowing I'm actually doing something with my life, especially with it being things I truly love.

To go along with the bustling and hustling summer I'm having, I went for a sort of bold city lights feel with my outfit and experimented a little with colorblocking. I'm super loving the clash of neon and leather with the accentuated softness of the cornflower blue and the suede panels. I am still freaking out about my new amazing Nine West ankle buckle wedges that I picked up from Buffalos Exchange for $18, a fraction of the retail price of $90. When I first laid eyes on these puppies, the reasonable part of my brain thought to myself, "do I really need another pair of black shoes? I have so many pairs at home already." And then the more awesome part of my brain thought, "ankle buckle--->ankle monitor--->Lindsey Lohan--->Mean Girls--->--->baby prostitutes--->awesome--->got to have them," and then I was completely sold. My train of thought is rad, huh?
July 15, 2011


floppy sunhat {$11}, vintage thrifted jumpsuit {gifted}, 
Madden Girl brown wedges {$20}, Charlotte Russe explorer bag {5}

Hello darlings! The Laugh Slut is a slut no more (although I'm still laughing, I'm always laughing). Why the blog change? I felt like my blog was, in a way, holding me back and I just did not fully believe I am content with who I was on there. I wanted, more like needed, a new change for a new chapter and direction in my life. I hope you enjoy your time here and please do stay a while. I'm so excited for the future and can't wait to share it with you lovers! Let the fashion adventures begin...