December 25, 2011


It seems as though everyone is going home for the holidays, but being me, of course I would be doing the complete opposite. I am writing this post from the airport, impatiently awaiting my 12:20 PM boarding time to Seoul, Korea. This trip is totally out of character for me; usually a crazily calculated and cautious person, I bought my plane ticket on an impulsive whim. The most impressive part? I'm actually going through with it.

When my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, I was at a loss for words (which never ever happens). I've just lived through the most beautiful year of my life; one full of memories and experiences that have helped shaped me, my dreams and desires. I have seen myself grown and adjust the way I am towards the way I hope to be. While I am constantly lusting for clothes and material possessions, I am honestly at such a comfortable, good and pleasant state in life, I'm actually scared to ask for more

This is why I love the holidays. Besides the glitz, glam and christmas lights, I always get sentimental and appreciative for all that I have. Thank goodness for the holidays, it keeps us humble and moving forward. Merry Christmas and happy holidays my lovelies! Thank you all SO much everything you've done. While it may not seem like much, I am so so so thankful that you've decided to take an interest in what I have to say and what I like to wear. Honestly, you have no idea how much I love each and every one of you and this blog. Through it, I have found the courage and drive to pursue my dreams, and for that, I am eternally grateful to you <3
December 22, 2011


{thrifted lace tee, thrifted plaid shirt, thrifted Gap denim jacket, 
thrifted red suede skirt, thrifted Coach satchel, black tights, Ecote lace ups}

The last three weekends of my December have been spent in the comfort of the Free Gold Watch studio for Storefront, DNA (designers+artists)'s one-stop holiday pop-up shop. From the sponsored Argo Tea (which, in my opinion, one-up Peet's Hibiscus tea) the vintage frocks, to the handmade goodness; it was a fun event enjoyed by many. If you had a chance to stop by, gratzi, if not, you've missed out! Until next time!

Merry Christmas Eve folks! Have a good one spending it with the ones you love.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Jewelmint Giveaway before you ring in the New Years!
December 21, 2011


For those procrastinators out there, I included, who have not yet finished, or even started, their holiday shopping, I have great news for you. Stylemint and Jewelmint have e-gift cards now, perfect for those last minute presents because:
A. No need to worry about shipping because email > snail mail, and they are delivered immediately.
B. It gives your recipient the freedom to chose ANY item they wish! Bye bye gift receipts!

As if the Olsen-approved tees and "as seen on Kate Bosworth" jewelry aren't enough to persuade you to send these gift cards to everyone you know, the more YOU gift, the more YOU get as well! HOW? From now until the 24th, every gift card you give will earn you credits and enter you into winning some sweet prizes like a Kindle, a year's worth of Stylemint and/or a year's worth of Jewelmint. It's a win-win situation, the good, and only, kind of situation I can dig!

Because it is the season of giving, Jewelmint and I have teamed up to bring you the first giveaway on ze blog! One lucky reader will be able to get their hands on a great arm candy addition.

I introduce to you the Arabian Nights Bracelet. Simplistic and dainty in design yet undeniably eye-catching, it adds just the right amount of glitzy glam to ANY outfit! Sneakily sexy and sultry, The Arabian Nights Bracelet, inspired by traditional Indian jewelry design, practically embodies Jasmine's aura in a wrist ornament. This is the one piece I'm currently head-over-heels coveting right now.

To enter:
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For extra entries (+1 for each):
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Giveaway will run until December 31st, 11:59 p.m. PST! A great way to end the holiday cheer and start your 2012 with a new friend for your wrist!

12/1: The giveaway winner is Abegail Abundo! Congrats!
December 20, 2011


{photo credit: Rosa}
{thrifted leopard coat, Roxy black crop top, BDG red high waisted jeans, black wedges, 
gifted Kimchi Blue crossbody bag, borrowed Jewelmint Pomander necklace}

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la laaaa la la la la! Or, better yet, deck the halls with recycled clothing a la Crossroads, that's the kind of holiday joy I'm into. I'm just going to say it, it's completely true, there is no party quite like a Crossroads Trading Co. party! The guests are so nicely dressed, the photo ops a plenty and the entertainment, aka the clothing, is icing on the scrumptious cake! The gals (Kathleen, Sherrie, Chanda, and Rosa) and I braved the crazy winter winds and made our way over to the Crossroads Pop-Up and scored some awesome brands at Walmart prices; can't wait to share them with you lovelies once I finally give in and do my overflowing laundry. A night out with these girlies is always a great night, the amount of laughter was breathtaking, literally. Can't believe that my favvvvorite partner-in-crime, Sherrie, is going off on her Italiana adventures abroad during her very last semester. Sad. It'll never be the same without you, THAT SHIT CRAY! (just for you <3)

I wore a little bit of everything, like per use. My new high waisted pants I scored for $15 at Urban Outfitter's Black Friday frenzy, was way too good of a deal to pass up! My short legs needed some compensation and my $30 wedges from A'GACI did just the right trick. Throw on my A. BYER children's leopard coat and my Roxy crop tank, along with my Kimchi Blue bag and roomie's Jewelmint Pomander necklace, and VOILA! an outfit is born. Something kind of kooky, kind of silly, and it all sort of works.
December 12, 2011


What I Want for Christmas...

It's finals week. Amidst my stress-eating, procrastinating, and sleeping, I made this festive Polyvore set  for Santa Claus, or a rich sugar daddy, whoever can deliver. 2011 has been a great year full of moments that I can never nor will ever want to forget, I can only wish the same for 2012, with one teeny little change. I would love to increase my wardrobe by welcoming more neutrals, leather, metallics, neon and fur, more Acne, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, J. Brand, House of Harlow, and more! Ohh la la much? A girl can dream and dream and dream, can't she? For the love of Rudolph, Christmas lights and peppermint mochas, I am keeping my fingers indefinitely crossed for a Satorialist Christmas.
December 7, 2011


{photo credit: Rosa}
{blue jacket via Taiwan, borrowed oversized H&M striped shirt, 
vintage crochet shrug, Old Navy jeggings, vintage leather 'seahorse' bag, 
Dolce Vita Jamison booties, f21 dreamcatcher necklace, H&M circle scarf}

Procrastinating, as per use, I'm currently trying to deflect my studying for just a while longer. Utilizing Dead Week, to it's fullest, I am currently listening/singing along to Hold On by Wilson Phillips (Harold & Kumar, anyone?) on repeat, an obvious better use of my time than attempting to re-type and memorize 89 terms or start the 3 papers that stand between me and winter break. All I can say is, LE SIGH.

This outfit is the epitome of thrown-on, I literally piled on everything I have in my room in order to keep warm from the freakish Berkeley winds. Never prepared for the weather, I, Anisa Young, have to make do. And in doing so, I am reduced to wearing the content of my whole closet. A cross between hobo/boho/gypsy, I present to you, a whole new genre of style; gypsy a la mode, served just to your liking.

My friend, Rosa is the photographer behind this set, she is definitely one of those who would rather stay behind the cameras than be in front (don't they all?). Can you blame her? Her photos are seriously amazing! Even so, her style is always spot-on and impeccable, be sure to check out her blog!
December 1, 2011


Where in the world did November go? The first of December took me by surprise, but it's a wonderful surprise I can welcome with open arms. Why? With December, comes the promise of a new year. New years is always a day full of promise, change and hope; it's a lovely wake up from the previous year and a day for us to reevaluate what is important to us now

I l-o-v-e November. Always have and probably always will. Maybe it has to do with me being a November baby, maybe because this is when the trees start shedding their leaves, either way, I love it so. Just wanted to share a few rando (random+photos=randos) that never made it onto the blog but so should have.

P.S. It's WORLD AIDS DAY today! Did you know that 1000 children EVERY DAY are infected with HIV? Mother to children transmission of HIV is completely preventable, it only takes $19! Let's be the change that turns 1000 to 0! To learn more, click here!
November 29, 2011


Guess what I'm going to be doing this weekend and for the next two consecutive weekends? Hanging out at the DNA(designers+artists)xFree Gold Watch Holiday One-Stop Pop Up Shop, that's what! Here's the down low on the haps, all chopped up and laid out for your convenience because you all know how wordy I can get.

WHODNA(designers+artists) & Free Gold Watch

WHAT: A storefront featuring local designers and artists, handmade jewelry, accessories, vintage, and custom screen-printing for shirts! As if that isn't enough incentives, there are free drinks (for 21+), food trucks, old school pinball machines and funky cool music (yes, you read right, funky cool).

WHERE: 1767 Waller St, just about a block off of Haight St.

WHEN: December 3rd, 10th, 17th from 12-6, December 4th, 11th, 18th 12-5

WHY: Because we're awesome and you're awesome, so let's get all our awesomeness in the same place and be awesome together!

Did I mention free admission? Anyone and everyone in the SF area should come and check it out, say hi, do a little dance, and challenge me to a game of pinball because god knows how terrible I am at those.
November 27, 2011


{thrifted denim button down, knitted tee via Taiwan, H&M pink jeans, Old Navy grampy sweater, 
Dolce Vita Harness booties, kelly green bag, f21 chunky necklace}

After a week of nothing but hours upon hours of sleep, non-stop Criminal Minds, nom nom foods and shopping, I am so well rested and ready for winter break. Let's just skip the next 3 weeks please! Pretty please? Fine, I'll live...maybe. The upcoming week sounds intense, with 3 papers and a presentation due, but at the same time super exciting, with the DNA Pop-up shop, BARE Magazine's Issue 10 Launch Party and even more festivities all penciled in. It's a make it or break it week if I ever saw one.

This was my rainy day outfit a few weeks back, forgetting rain boots and an umbrella in Berkeley is a definite no-no but, alas, I have done it. No worries, the Dolce Vita Harness booties doubles as my backup rain boots, cause you know, it elevates my poor toesies away from the wet ground. Genius? I know. On a day where everyone on campus is wearing black, I felt a little pink and a wittle bit green. Colorblocking madness ensues. I can't keep my collar fetish on the down low, it is literally taking over my life, or my wardrobe at the very least. It seems as though there will be a whole lot more of this combo to come. Stay tuned.
November 25, 2011


{1. family 2. my huge plate of yumminess 3. baby brother 4. me being weird 5. me being awk}

Thanksgiving. Has it been a year already since the last? This year, more than any other year, is one that I should be extra thankful for. I have been immensely blessed with a year that's been full of amazing opportunities, ridiculously awesome people, good and bad memories, hilariously awkward moments and so much more. Ideally, it shouldn't take a holiday for us to be thankful but sometimes it's easy to get lost amongst life. I know I complain too much, and whine too often, but at the end of the day, I have everything I need and that, in itself, is enough. Of course we all dream big, which is good, it's the best! Without dreamers in this world, where would we be? I'm never ever going to give up dreaming, that just wouldn't be me, but I do need to start remembering to be grateful for what I have; my family, my friends, my wellbeing, my ability to get an education, my strong beliefs, and my world as it is. Too often we forget that it really is the small things that we tend to take for granted that means the most in life. Thank you for giving me all that I have and for allowing me to keep dreaming for all that I want.

A special shout out to all of my readers and supporters (Facebook friends, yeah, that means you!) for all that you've done for me; from the thoughtful comments to the amazing support I've received in the last few months. You lovelies are the sunshine to my cloudy day, the light of my life, the most amazing readers a gal could ever ask for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Xox
November 21, 2011


{borrowed UO sweater, borrowed American Apparel chiffon shirt, 
Dolce Vita Jamison booties, broken f21 medallion necklace}

Currently sitting in a local coffee shop, drinking a mocha bianca and answering emails whilst writing this post. Man do I feel a little bit like Carrie Bradshaw right now, can I please just have her apartment,  ability to run gracefully in heels, and closet contents, PLEASE? Meh, a girl can dream. 

Last week was the BAREing It All: Digital Fashion and Lifestyle Publication speaker panel featuring Refinery 29 SF's Katie Hintz-Zambrano and FabSugar's Britt Stephens and Danny Feekes. I personally loved it but I may be a bit biased seeing as I am a self-proclaimed internet junkie. Oh, and I helped plan the event. The discussion definitely helped me see how hard these folks work, play, and combine work and play into a whole new lifestyle that encompasses it all. I had the pleasure of meeting all of the speakers as well as a few more fabulously dressed attendees, let me just say my smoozing skills are getting better and better (if only I could get rid of my awkwardness completely...). Annabel from Blushing Ambition was among the attendees but I was far too intimidated to talk to her, so I tweeted her from afar. Annabel makes 3, 3 bloggers I wish I had the guts to meet when I had the chance to do so, Liz and Lulu are the other 2. One day

If you're curious and wish you had attended the speaker panel, I'm here to make your day! The whole entire discussion was recorded and posted on the internet (thank god for technology!) and you can watch it HERE!

You know it's time to do laundry when almost your whole outfit is not out of your own closet. 2 weeks and counting, I'm looking forward to going home tomorrow and doing a ton of laundry for free! Can you feel that I'm blushing? My outfit is anyways with an array of pinks, nudes and blush tones. With my collar craze still going strong, pairing a collared shirt under a knitted sweater is irresistible to me. Be prepared for all kinds of sweater+collar combo this fall. My necklace broke at a party over summer and I have yet to fix it but, as of now, I am kind of digging the little medallion look rather than the huge chandelier effect it usually has. This form of the necklace goes a lot better with my minimal feel aka lazy.
November 17, 2011


{borrowed Brandy Melville navy top, Levis braided belt, floral high-waisted shorts, tights, 
Jeffrey Campbell flats, Urban Outfitters necklace, Ray-Ban Caribbean RX 5227 5029}

Last weekend I had two photo shoots, one for DNA (designers+artists) and one for Caliber Magazine, and it was definitely top 5 best weekend of the semester, hands down. If I could organize, prep, assist, style photo shoots forever and ever, it would be the best dream that I would never want to wake up from. It is definitely something I can see myself doing 5 years, even 10 years from now. Fingers crossed! On top of that I have two more shoots back to back this weekend that I am so excited about, even if the first one starts at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning. As the saying go, "there's no crying in fashion," nor complaining and/or whining.

Not only do I like run-on sentences but I also like runs in my tights. Maybe not like, but tolerate because I fail at keeping them intact by running past nails, loose pieces of wood, rings, you name it, I've done it. Pairing the not-so-classy tights with my high-waisted floral shorts from Taiwan and a borrowed Brandy Melville top that matches too perfectly. I can't wait until the Walnut Creek store opens up so I can stop borrowing my roomie's stash of Brandy Melville goodies! AH! In need of flats as I was assisting on the Caliber cover shoot, I wore my beat up Jeffrey Campbell bow flats to run around, dance, and be awkward in. Throw in my braided Levis belt and Urban Outfitter's necklace and voila! In and out of the house in under 30 minute, shower included. Wahoo!

P.S. Just wanted to share with you guys the awesomeness that is Shoemint. If you haven't heard already, Shoemint is the lovechild of Rachel Bilson and her stylist, Nicole Chavez. With a little help from Steve Madden, Shoemint will debut on Black Friday! Sign up now for your chance to among the  5 winners of free Shoemint for a whole, entire year. 12 pairs of amazing Rachel Bilson approved, Steve  Madden constructed shoes that will make your feet the center of all attention. SIGN UP HERE!
November 15, 2011


{all images courtesy of}
I am infinitely sorry about my lack of posting lately, it's been rather hard finding time due to daylight savings and losing my trusty ol' remote. If someone wants to send me a photographer boyfriend, I'll take one in size 6'1"! Please and thank you! ;)

In order to make up for it, I am happy to announce that has approached me to write a sponsored post about their new US site! has made the transatlantic move over from the UK --> US in order to bring the fabulous nonchalant yet ridiculously good looking style of the British to us. As you all know, or you know will now, I am overly, ridiculously, and rather unhealthily obsessed with all things British so there was no way I could refuse a good ol' British invasion post. Featuring great British brands that we're not familiar with is an e-retailer that I can see myself falling head over heels for. Come on, affordable style that feeds my British fetish? You had me at V. On top of that, free shipping for purchases over $98 AND free returns? That's what I like to hear! After scouring the whole entire site, it is taking every sensible fiber within my body to not splurge and buy everything on my top 8! Glittery wedges, fishtail tops, leather satchels, oh my!

As an added bonus, is offering 20% off everything to my lovely readers so you too can become just as infatuated as I am! Just sign up below, it's as simple as that! Now if only they can sell and ship me a British accent...

November 8, 2011


{photos taken by Sherrie}
{H&M leather crop jacket, Target lace sleeves top, thrifted denim vest, Old Navy black jeggings, 
dollar tree men's socks, Steve Madden Flannel bootsborrowed H&M knitted circle scarf,
gifted Kimchi Blue crossbody bagRay-Ban Caribbean RX 5227 5029, leather bracelet}

What could be a better way to end my birthday weekend than an overwhelmingly extreme shopping extravaganza? Nada. On a rainy Sunday morning (Maroon 5 reference anyone?), Sherrie and I made our way over to Fort Mason in the city for the American Apparel Flea Market. Imagine a giant warehouse full of AA goodies at dirt cheap prices, and hipsters galore. I've never seen so many hip-stas congregated at the same place, at the same time. A huge thank you to AA for the eye candy galore, I've been deprived as of late. After the 90 minute commute, the rain, the hoards of people and the ridiculous amount of racks, I came out scratch-free with a new cardigan. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

With the temperature dropping faster than I can handle, layers are my new bffs. What started off with as a simple white lace top, soon turned into a quick, not to mention warm, outfit with a denim vest, my trusty leather jacket and, to top it all off, my roommate's huge fluffy knitted circle scarf that has yet to leave my neck. Feeling lazy, my new Ray-Bans make their first appearance on the blog and I'm sure they will be back for an encore, and then some. I am loving my new Kimchi Blue crossbody bag, courtesy of the lovely Sherrie, my homegirl forsure, as it's perfect for those days where both hands are necessary to shift through racks among racks. Since I forgot my rain boots at home (silly me), I had to brave the dribble drabble in my leather Steve Madden Flannel, which held up surprisingly well, much to my delight. While some fell in love with the cheap prices at the sale, others with each other, I fell in love with the awesome overly bright orange doors. Typical.